Kids these days always want the latest interactive toy. Little girls are no exception. If their doll doesn’t cry, wet or interact with them electronically, it’s just no fun. Parents rush to buy the latest techno toy their child is demanding, but at what expense? According to some reports, the latest interactive toy that could be a danger to your child is a cute little doll called My Friend Cayla.” She is 18” of pure cuteness and will keep your child entertained for hours by talking back to them. What’s so dangerous about that, right?

My Friend Cayla has Bluetooth capabilities

According to My Friend Cayla’s website, a parent must download an app to a smart phone for the doll to interact. The app operates the doll through blue tooth capability. That’s where things get a little tricky. A privacy watchdog group believes that the unsecured Bluetooth app can easily be hacked by anyone. Since Cayla can respond back to your child, anyone could mimic the doll and talk to your child through her.

This is so concerning that several watch dog groups have filed a complaint with The Federal Trade Commission citing that she “poses an imminent and immediate threat to the safety and security of children in the United States.” They say that the unsecured Bluetooth allows anyone to eavesdrop on children and their dolls.

Along with this complaint, they also feel that the doll unfairly endorses Disney. My Friend Cayla tells your child all about Disney and how she loves to go there. Her favorite song is “Let it Go” and her favorite story is “The Little Mermaid.” She seems to be a talking Disney commercial, even though that hasn’t been disclosed to parents.

Genesis Toys insists that the doll adheres to all the strictest privacy policies.

Smart devices are always listening to you

There have been many reports that smart televisions, computers and even Google is always listening. Google is ready any time you say, “Ok, Google.” Amazon’s Echo device listens to you, to fulfill anything you ask, so why would you think a doll that is connected to a smart app wouldn’t be listening?

My Friend Cayla, by the way is sold through Amazon and the reviews warn people that the doll can spy and collect data.

This doll has basically been banned in Germany and they also warn people that she is spying on children and their families. It may be melodrama, but then again, one never knows what these smart devices are collecting and just who that information is being sent to. It’s a parent’s job to keep their child safe, even if it means denying them their favorite doll.