2014's "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor" was easily one of the year's surprise hits, giving players a chance to battle Sauron's forces from within his own lands. It was a unique take on Tolkien's Middle-Earth, and a sequel was believed to be in the works for some time. Now, fans have that confirmation with the reveal of "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War", with Monolith Studios at the reigns once again. And the most surprising fact is that it is only six months away.

Two rings to rule them all

The announcement trailer released gives a taste of what is to come with the sequel.

Players will once again take on the role of Talion, former ranger of Gondor and host to the elf wraith, Celebrimbor, as they continue their quest of revenge against Sauron. To do this, they will forge a new ring of power and build an army from the ranks of Sauron's orcs to get it done. This will prove to be the key in saving Middle-Earth from Sauron's wrath, or giving it up to the dark lord.

While fully ingrained in Tolkien's Middle-Earth, Monolith looks to continue its unique take on this world, using the time between "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" for their take. Much of the visual aesthetic is clearly taken from Peter Jackson's films, with story cues from works like "The Silmarillion".

But, while fully ingrained in this world, Monolith's take provides a fresh and unique look at this world, building on the template established in the first game.

Know your nemesis (system)

With a new game comes the return of the game's staple nemesis system. In "Shadow of Mordor", the system created unique encounters between the player and the many orc officers around Mordor.

It also allowed players to keep track of the different captains and chiefs, finding ones to use their powers to take control of the orcs. Monolith looks to expand this system with the addition of fortresses, which will add a new dynamic to gameplay with strongholds to overtake and use against Sauron's forces.

Not much else was revealed about the game, but it will be making its gameplay debut on March 8, so players will be able to see just what they're in for with this new entry. "Middle-Earth: Shadow of War" will be released on August 22 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Steam, and Windows 10.