Don't expect to play final fantasy XV on Nintendo Switch anytime soon. Game director Hajime Tabata has recently confirmed that the title won't be playable to Nintendo's latest console.

"There are no plans, it wouldn't run," Tabata answered when DualShockers asked about the game's availability on the console. The game director reasoned that "proper tests" haven't been done yet for the development team to determine if the game could actually run on the new console. But don't fret -- that isn't the final verdict yet.

Not yet, at least

There's still a small window of opportunity for the game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch.

"There are no plans for Switch at the moment, but overall, there is interest in the platform among the development team," Hajime Tabata explained. "Incidentally, I think that Switch would be really cool if it could run Android apps on its portable screen..."

Considering that the Nintendo Switch won't even be out until March, Square Enix and the Final Fantasy XV team still have plenty of time to catch up and actually release a version that could run smoothly on the portable console. Just sad to say for fans that it won't be anytime soon, and there aren't any assurances -- until they make an official announcement -- that the game would actually make it to the Switch.

Other options

Until the development team announce that Final Fantasy XV would be available for play on Nintendo Switch, there are other titles that gamers can look forward to playing that also come from Square Enix.

After All, the company is one of the many development partners for the console.

First of all, I Am Setsuna will be arriving on the same day as the Nintendo Switch release. There's also Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2, as announced at the Switch Presentation last month, along with a brand new RPG game called Project Octopath Traveler, which was teased at the same event. Dragon Quest XI has also been confirmed to arrive on the console.

The Nintendo Switch release is slated for March 3, 2017, with a price tag of $300.