"Gravity Rush 2" is the hot new title that released this past Friday. The game promises gravity bending fun as the Gravity Queen Kat's adventure continues in this all new exciting sequel.

So, what does this exciting sequel have to offer you? Why should you pick it up? Well, I am about to tell you every reason why this game will make an epic experience for you and why it is worth every cent you use to pay for it.


The story is a deep and compelling story that will instantly get you deeply immersed in the game with its unique set of characters and world.

The story takes place shortly after "Gravity Rush." The story begins with the player working as a miner. It is later discovered that the miner is Kat in mining gear. The reason you are a miner is because Kat and Syd were apparently sucked into a gravity storm and ended up in a floating mining town known as Banga.

The main story covers a lot of ground, but I do not want to be a spoiler, so I'll leave the specifics out. However, I will go as far as to say the story was executed far better in "Gravity Rush 2" than "Gravity Rush."


There is so much to do in "Gravity Rush 2", that I do not even know where to start. The game gives you an endless amount of side quests and challenges that will keep you busy for a long time.

Side Quest

Ah, side quests. All gamers know about side quests. They have been around for so long now, that it is almost impossible to not know what side quest are if you are a gamer. The side quests in in this game are far more interesting than the side quests I have seen in most games.

What I love about "Gravity Rush 2" side quests is that they are not set up to turn you into a simple errand girl.

Most of the side quests are actually a chain of side quests that have you deal with the same NPC time and again.

The fun part about these side quests is that some of them expand on the story of the side characters. The quests further allow a player to see the relationship between Kat and the many different characters develop.

Now, it is not unheard of to see side characters dish out quests. However, most of the time they simply tell you 'Go do this for me' or 'go do that for me.' Rarely do they actually develop further upon the story between characters, which makes the side quests in "Gravity Rush 2" so much fun.


These challenges don't differ much from the previous game, but new challenges are offered. Some of the challenges you saw from "Gravity Rush" make a comeback while there are also a whole new set of challenges to enjoy. Not to mention that you can now compete with the challenge ranking of people online.


"Gravity Rush 2" is far more amazing in terms of combat compared to "Gravity Rush." Yet, to be honest you are pretty much given the same powers as the first one.

So, what makes the game so much better?

One would have to be that the Nevi, or Scarabs as they call them now, are more challenging than the previous game. You cannot just simply gravity kick them to death anymore.

Two would have to be the new gravity styles. The new gravity styles do not really give you new powers, but instead enhance upon your already existing powers. These enhancements completely change your powers to create a whole new style of fighting. For example, the Lunar Style turns your Gravity Kick into the Wormhole Kick. The Wormhole kick is a homing teleport kick that you can then follow up with a series of kicks. It does less damage, but it allows you to combo like there is no tomorrow.


"Gravity Rush 2" is a sequel that does not disappoint. It has an amazing story paired with epic and endless gameplay. The game presents challenges and endless side adventures to embark on. I suggest you give this game a look if you have not already.

Game Rating: 9/10