The week of release for the long sought after sequel is finally here! "Gravity Rush 2" was already delayed once, but now it is set to release on January 20th 2017, which is this upcoming Friday.

"Gravity Rush" left all players with a sea of questions as they sat on the edge of their seats. What happened to the children who were left asleep on the Ark? What is Kat's true identity? Why is Raven also a gravity shifter? Most of all, what is the story behind Kat's cute cat like companion Dusty?

Now all of these questions will be answered in this exciting new sequel.

"Gravity Rush 2" picks up shortly after where "Gravity Rush" left off. Hekseville is in the middle of its reconstruction after Mayor D’nelica's super weapon malfunctioned and rained fire down upon the floating city.

What makes Gravity Rush 2 worth getting?

The anime and manga like art style of "Gravity Rush 2" has been brought to life through the power of Playstation 4 graphics. Explore the world of beauty while taking to the skies.

Sony stated that the world of "Gravity Rush 2" will be "2.5 times larger than the original, packed with an abundance of missions to keep Kat busy."

Not to mention that you can approach these missions with a variety of new powers that are paired with Kat's two new different styles of gravity manipulation.

Each style of gravity offers a different style of play due to the fact each style has its own set of characteristics.

The two new styles allows Kat to have access to two completely different styles of attacks. The first new style of gravity control is the Lunar style, which is said to be a style based on light, but speedy attacks.

Then you have its counterpart Jupiter style which is a style based on heavy powerful attacks.

Now the cherry on top of the already very large ice cream sundae is the fact that you can now pull off epic tag team attacks alongside your gravity shifting partner Raven.

Raven was an enemy for most of the previous game, but now she is your partner throughout the game.

Not to mention she is to have her own DLC named "The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice" coming out in March that will be free!

What Does the Game Offer?

"Gravity Rush 2" has so much to offer gamers. It offers a unique experience of gravity shifting action. It offers an amazing story as well as fun and interesting characters. And it offers a world of visual stunning beauty and many hours of exploration. This game has everything that will give gamers a fun start to the year 2017.