CES 2017 is where many companies go to showcase their newest piece of tech, but it also seems it’s a place for thieves. The folks at Razer are reeling right now after it was revealed that two of the company’s prototype gaming laptops were stolen from the show’s floor. How did this happen? No one knows, but an investigation is ongoing.

CES 2017 draws to a close, but not without controversy

Razer had an interesting and encouraging week during CES 2017, as the company managed to attract interest in its newest line of gaming laptops. The company announced two prototype gaming laptops, one of which ended up winning The Best of CES 2017 award.

That’s where all the happiness at Razer would come to an end after it was revealed that two of the concept devices were stolen from the show’s floor, according to CEO, Min-Liang Tan. These things do happen at shows like CES, but when it happens to a well-known company, that’s when folks are willing to take notice.

"Two of our prototypes were stolen from our booth at CES today," according to Tan via his Facebook page.

We can’t say for sure which Razer devices were stolen exactly, but chances are, it’s the company’s three-screen laptop (codenamed Project Valerie), and its impressive looking Chroma projector known as Project Ariana. These devices were Razer’s most impressive showing, and as such, thieves would likely go for them first.

If Razer had any doubt about whether or not consumers would gravitate towards its newest prototypes, considering Project Ariana and Project Valerie were the ones stolen, then, it would seem that the company now has an answer to that question.

Not the first time thieves stole from Razer

Back in 2011, two Blade prototypes were stolen in San Francisco from Razer’s R&D lab.

One would think the company would take a higher level of precaution just in case thieves decide to strike again, but as we can see, such is not the case. Tan is also not willing to rule out corporate spying, which is a good idea since competitors are known to play dirty to gain information and technology. In the future, Razer needs to add tracking technology to its show floor products. By doing this, the company can easily track stolen devices with little fuss.