The idea of ​​a parallel universe seems more like science fiction than reality. But who can know for sure the truth?

Ranga Ram Chary, researcher at the California Institute of Technology said he found evidence confirming the existence of a parallel universe that revolves around the very beginning of our universe.

The researcher believes that the first important thing that you must understand is how our universe came into being. For a long period of time , about hundred thousands years after the Big Bang, the particles could not form atoms because their temperature was too hot and they were also too active.

The atoms began to form about 300,000 years after the Big Bang. This process - called recombination process - marks the moment in which radiated microwave background (CMB) began to spread through the universe. Scientists have started from this point to build their theories and this process is an alarm signal for them.

Some cosmologists believe that the "bubbles" from different universes might collide with each other and leave some particles along their way.

Chary launched the idea that this moment of the spread of the cosmic radiation could mean the collision with a parallel universe. However,the CMB signals are difficult to interpret. Chary believes that the a chance of tracing just background noise, but not a sure sign to prove the vicinity of a parallel universe, is 30%.

He also said that they must look for other possibilities too and they could find a huge cloud of cosmic dust. He said that this would be a more plausible explanation because the dust properties are more complicated than they seem. T

he data used Ranga-Ram Chary were taken from the Planck telescope of the European Space Agency.

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4500 times brighter signal than those recorded so far have been revealed by the Planck telescope. This result was reached by decreasing the CMB models from the images of the universe obtained by the Planck telescope.

Chary is aware that his ideas could not be proven until the next generation of space scanning technology. This will not occur earlier than 15-20 years from now.

However, he hopes to have more broad results after a few years.

In a report published on he said that the unusual statements, such as the proof of parallel universes, require a very complex arguments, however, is the search of these evidence is a continues challenging for the scientists.