The third showdown between Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Green Bay Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers on Sunday is one of the most anticipated clashes this season. The two quarterbacks are surely headed to the Hall of Fame for their respective accomplishments, particularly Brady, who has won six Super Bowl rings in his 20-year career with the New England Patriots. Before their Sunday’s clash, the 43-year-old Brady is 1-1 against Rodgers in his career. Rodgers prevailed over Brady, 26-21, in their first clash in 2014 before the latter avenged that with a 31-17 win in 2018.

In his career, Brady is 3-2 against the Packers, but he has been perfect against them in the last four games, throwing no interception in 125 passes.

Rodgers admires Brady

In a report by Jason Wilde of the Wisconsin State Journal, Rodgers expressed admiration for Brady’s accomplishments throughout his career, saying he’s done it “at the highest of levels for so long.” “He’s been an icon at the position. He’s been somebody that we’ve all looked up to for so many years as the standard of excellence,” said Rodgers. According to Rodgers, many quarterbacks have admired and respect Brady for the way he’s played the game, particularly from players in the same era who have competed against him. Playing at this stage of their respective careers, Rodgers said they are now enjoying the moment and showing respect and admiration for each other.

However, Rodgers insisted that the upcoming Packers-Buccaneers clash should not be viewed as Brady versus Rodgers. According to the quarterback, the game should be viewed as Brady going against the Packers defense and Rodgers would be going against the Buccaneers defense. The undefeated Packers (4-0) are a slight two-point favorite over the Buccaneers (3-2), who hold a share of the NFC South lead with the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers.

Brady shares views about Rodgers

During Thursday’s press conference, Brady also shared his views about Rodgers. “Everybody is pretty much in awe of how he makes it look so easy,” Brady said of Rodgers. Per a tweet by Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Brady revealed that he spent time with Rodgers at his Los Angeles home in 2013 and played nine holes at Riviera.

According to Brady, Rodgers made a late putt to beat him. "I'm still trying to get him back on the golf course,” Brady said.

This season, Rodgers is playing superb, throwing for more than 1,200 yards with 13 touchdowns and no interceptions in just four games. Brady, for his part, has thrown for 1,375 yards with 12 touchdowns and four interceptions. In a recent discussion, former NFL linebacker and Fox Sports analyst Emmanuel Acho picked Brady over Rodgers in the discussion on who’s the better quarterback.

Acho said Brady has the edge over Rodgers when it comes to availability and winnability, with six Super Bowl wins to his name. Acho admitted that Rodgers is the more athletic quarterback, but he said greatness is based on winning, much like the debate on who’s better between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.