The NFL franchise based in Washington, D.C., has long been considered one of the league's most famous teams. Originally, based in Boston, Massachusetts, the team won the NFL Championship in its first season after moving to Washington. The season before was the runner-up, losing to the Green Bay Packers in the Championship Game. It has won four more league championships since then.

Despite its successes, the franchise has also faced many controversies. Most famously, its name and imagery, which many found to be derogatory to Native Americans. After years of resistance, the team finally relented in 2020.

The new name, 'Washington Football Team,' was meant to be a placeholder. But maybe not after all.

The name might become permanent

To many, the name Washington Football Team might seem too generic. And, at least at first, it was only meant to be a fill-in. There were some rumblings that a different name could be in place before the start of the 2020 NFL season. But there wasn't. According to CBS, though, the Washington Football Team name was planned to be gone after the season was over.

But something unexpected happened. The name actually became popular with many fans. So did the new uniform. The old color scheme of burgundy and gold remained. But the Native American imagery was gone. A simple 'W' design became the new primary logo.

Players' numbers adorn their helmets, rather than the previous design.

NBC reports that the new name and uniform could stick around for the long haul. Team owner Dan Snyder said they would be happy to have it as the permanent name. He touted the franchise's newfound 'very classy retro look and feel.'

The name might seem unusual to sports fans in America and some other countries.

But many around the world are probably used to such a thing. In soccer, for instance, a so-called 'generic' name is commonplace.

Not the only major sports franchise dealing with changes

Several other American sports teams have faced controversy regarding Native Americans, including in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs. But it also extends to other leagues.

In the franchise's past, the NBA's Golden State Warriors used Native American images in its logos. Other tensions have arisen regarding MLB and NHL teams. Several universities and colleges have made changes to their names, logos, mascots, and more.

But perhaps the most direct comparison might be found north of the Canadian border. More specifically, in the Canadian Football League that calls Edmonton, Alberta home. Edmonton's team is also one of the most famous in its respective league and has had a lot of success to boot. But its team name has long caused anger. The franchise has now officially changed its name to the 'Edmonton Football Team.' Whether or not that name sticks around remains to be seen. But the cancellation of the 2020 CFL season because of COVID-19 gives the team more time to decide.