The New England Patriots are reportedly willing to pay veteran quarterback Tom Brady more than $30 million per year to stay with the team, according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport. Per a report by Zack Cox of New England Sports Network (NESN), Rapoport told NFL Network that the Patriots are willing to break the bank and pay Brady the said amount. Last season, Brady earned $23 million, $15 million from the original deal and an additional $8 million raise from the two-year contract extension that has two voidable years. “I’m told they’re willing to pay him in excess of $30 million if that, in fact, is what it’s going to take to bring Brady back,” said Rapoport, adding that the said salary would put Brady as one of the top quarterbacks in terms of contract value for the first time in his career.

In recent years, Brady has given the Patriots several hometown discounts to enable the team to surround him with good players who will help him become successful.

Also, Rapoport said Brady wants the Patriots to spend on weapons on offense after struggling to connect with their current crop of wide receivers following the release of Antonio Brown. The Patriots signed Brown to a one-year, $15 million deal but he lasted just 11 days with the team after he was released due to off-field troubles. The Patriots acquired Mohamed Sanu at the trade deadline but he failed to live up to expectations as another veteran threat behind Julian Edelman. The Patriots can sign Brady between now and before the league year begins on March 18.

However, Brady said he would be open-minded to the free agency process and embrace whatever the future brings. Earlier, Patriots team owner Robert Kraft said he’s hoping that Brady would remain with the team.

Brady doesn’t want $30 million a year

However, Mike Giardi of NFL Media said Brady is not demanding $30 million or more a year from the Patriots, per a source with knowledge about the situation.

In a tweet, Giardi said “just talked to someone I trust. He doesn't believe that Brady is demanding 30 million or more a year.” However, Giardi said Brady’s priority is the addition of more weapons and targets on offense. Giardi added that, from a football standpoint, the Patriots are the ideal destination for Brady. Experts also believe that the Patriots give Brady the biggest chance to succeed and to win his seventh Super Bowl trophy.

If Brady decides to sign with another team, Mike Garafolo, of NFL Media, said the Patriots would trade for a veteran quarterback as a replacement.

Raiders, Chargers, Titans expected to pursue Brady

Rapport added that the Los Angeles Chargers and the Tennessee Titans are expected to pursue the 42-year-old Brady if he becomes a free agent. Rapoport added that TB12, the health and wellness company that Brady founded with close friend Alex Guerrero, would play a big part in the quarterback’s decision if his next team wants to incorporate it into their “footprint”. Adam Schefter of ESPN, for his part, said the Las Vegas-bound Oakland Raiders are also expected to join the chase for Brady’s services.