ESPN is reporting that the NCAA voted unanimously Tuesday to allow college athletes to make money from their name, image and likeness in a "manner consistent with the collegiate model." The news comes only a few months after the state of California approved a law allowing student athletes in California schools to profit off their name and likeness, a move that ruffled the leaders of the NCAA. The vote took place during a meeting at Emory University in Atlanta. The bill differs from California's, which allows for an unrestricted market.

As of now it is unclear when the new national rules will go into effect.

The California law states that colleges are prohibited from punishing student athletes who accept endorsement money starting in January 2023. Multiple state legislatures have proposed bills to also let athletes accept endorsement money. North Carolina and Florida are two big states who are considered passing bills similar to California's.

What this means for student athletes

For years student athletes who accepted endorsement money, whether knowingly or unknowingly, were punished severely by the NCAA heads. Punishments ranged from lose of scholarship, suspension, or being completely kicked off the team. Now, student athletes can profit off of jersey sales with their names on them, video game likeness, or endorsement deals from commercials.

It is unknown if there will be reparations for past student athletes who had their college sports careers ruined by accepting money from other people or organizations. Many schools have had bowl game and regular season victories revoked because of payment issues involving one or multiple athletes or coaches.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith and Big East commissioner Val Ackerman spent the past few months coming up with recommendations on how to fix the NCAA rules so that it benefited students more.

The NCAA wanted to get new rules passed due to the increased pressure from the federal government.

What this means for fans

The last NCAA football game was released at the end of 2013.NCAA 2014 was a hit and is still a hit for fans and the reason a lot of them keep their old gaming consoles. With these new rules the chances of an NCAA 2020 or NCAA 2021 are very high.

Fans of college sports, especially football will no longer have to worry about their favorite teams losing out on current or future bowl games due to athletes receiving money for their likeness. The new rule also means fans possibly will be spending more money on other products such as shoes, food, video games, and clothing due to player endorsements which would provide a boost to local economies.