They New York Jets continue to have a string of bad luck, as they move forward without their second-string quarterback Trevor Siemian. Siemian went down with an injury during the Jets game against the Cleveland Browns on Monday. Siemian was seen going down wrong on his ankle. Luke Falk took the field for the second half against the Browns. Fans are seeing their hopes of a playoff berth shatter into a million pieces. The Jets lost their starter Sam Darnold to mono.

The referees slapped Browns' Myles Garrett with a penalty for his hit on Siemian.

Siemian's left ankle bent backwards, but managed to walk off the field under his own over. Siemian now hands the reins of the Jets over to Luke Falk as quarterback.

Luke Falk bounced around the NFL

Luke Falk was drafted by the Tennessee Titans during the sixth round of the 2018 NFL Draft. The Titans ended up waiving him following training camp, but was later signed by the Miami Dolphins. Falk was placed on their active roster but ended up injuring his wrist and was placed on the IR list. Miami eventually waived Falk and then the Jets stepped in and picked up the quarterback. Jets head coach Adam Gase previously worked with Falk in Miami, so he believed Falk was the right signing.

Falk originally was placed on the Jets practice squad, and was only placed on the active roster, just hours before their game against Cleveland, as back up to Siemian.

With Siemian out of action, the Jets had to move forward with a quarterback who wasn't on an active NFL roster a day ago.

Jets facing daunting task with the Patriots

The Jets are now preparing to face the Patriots on Sunday, leaving Jets fans worried. Falk is left with the daunting task of facing down the New England defense and beating them.

New England has outscored their first two opponents 76-3. so Falk has a lot of work to do. Gase still has to figure out whether Falk will be their starter or whether they need to sign or trade for a starter. Darnold is out for at least another three weeks, and Siemian's injury looks serious.

Jets players have reacted to Siemian and Darnold's absence, and have said they must believe in the "next man up," philosophy when it comes to keeping the team going.

The Jets locker room pins this philosophy to Adam Gase, who has instilled this belief since the start of the season.

While it seems like all is coming crashing down, Darnold could potentially return sooner than later. The NFL Network has said that Darnold returned to the team facility this week. Coach Gase did say that Darnold was starting to feel much better. The Jets need to seriously consider their next move carefully, the next few weeks have them facing some serious competition, and need to decide what is best for the quarterback situation.