The Buffalo Bills roster decisions shocked tons of fans, as star running back LeSean McCoy was released. A much less followed storyline was the receivers who ended up making the 53 man roster. Zay Jones ended up making the team after some speculation that he would be released. John Brown, Cole Beasley, Andre Roberts, Robert Foster, and Isaiah McKenzie also all made the 53 man roster. Duke Williams, who caught some touchdown passes in the preseason, did not end up making the final cut. He did, however, end up on the Buffalo Bills practice squad.

And on Wednesday, he made some amazing catches in practice that got his coaches amped up.

Catches in Wednesday Practice

Duke's catches weren't kept off the internet for long, as several fans posted and shared the video to Twitter. Footage of the catches can be seen below:

You love to see that type of emotion, especially from a guy who is just practicing with his team. And his coaches, even if they didn't add him to the 53 man roster, were excited for him as well. Williams is clearly a beast in one on one coverage, and a mismatch for most corners at 6 foot 2.

Bills fans have been huge supporters of Williams thanks to his production on the field and that has led to some asking why exactly the former Canadian League Football star didn't make the roster.

Given Williams' production in the preseason, Buffalo is fortunate that another team, like the Patriots, didn't snatch him up before he could be added to the practice squad.

But now he's with Buffalo and will likely be given an opportunity if any wide receiver gets hurt. If he does end up on the field, Bills fans know that Duke Williams will be giving everything he has out there.

Other Wide Receivers on the Buffalo Bills Roster

The Bills will open their season with Cole Beasley and John Brown as their two main starters.

Given Cole Beasley's usage in preseason, Bills fans can expect to see a lot of short to intermediate passes going his way. John Brown is normally a deep threat, but he is reportedly running other routes as well, so expect mixed usage for him. Bills fans are hoping Zay Jones can turn it around in his third year with Josh Allen at quarterback. Robert Foster will look to build on his breakout year from last season. And McKenzie will continue to be used as a type of gadget player for Buffalo. Andre Roberts will be the return guy for Buffalo.

Unfortunately, that just didn't leave any room for Duke Williams, who was left off the 53 man roster. If he keeps making plays like this in practice, it wouldn't be surprising to see him move up the ladder and actually get into a game for Buffalo. He's certainly proven that he can make great catches when given the opportunity.