Russia is generally a cold country and one looks forward to the summer. This year, the summer has been relatively colder, yet the various sports activities have not been curtailed. One aspect of any sporting event is the cheer girls who lend allure and color to a sporting event by putting in an enticing and alluring dance performance. Girls normally wear very small outfits and add entertainment to sporting encounters.

One of the groups in Russia which is extremely popular is the Soul Sisters. They are a professional group and claim to be the most popular cheerleading group in Russia.

The girls who represent the beauty of Russia have been unfazed to perform in Russia's beach Soccer championship this year despite the temperature reaching a historic low this summer.

Soul Sisters

The Soul Sisters is a much-in-demand professional group and they perform at sporting events from ice hockey to local basketball has reported that in Russia, sports officials generally prefer professional dancers at the major sports competitions.

The group was founded 11 years ago in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and now has nearly 50 members. They travel around the country and entertain at the various sporting events with their dances. The temperatures, even during summer, are cold and these dancers have to carry on despite the cold and windy weather.

They continue performing despite the temperature being as low as 13 degrees celsius. Obviously, during the dance, you cannot wear woolens and coats which are taken off but the girls have danced energetically and once they are dancing they state that they do not feel cold at all. They lend color to a sporting event. RTV has reported that the girls put in a performance in the beach football championship in the open.


The concept of the cheerleaders actually commenced in America but now it has gone all over the world. Even the T20 cricket tournaments around the world have the added attraction of cheer girls. They generally are there in games like football, baseball, basketball, beach volleyball, and ice hockey. The Soul Girls showcase the best of Russian girls and it is a tribute to their professionalism that despite temperatures being low, the girls still put in an enviable performance that thrills the crowds and makes the match that much more interesting

The concept of the cheerleading girls has caught on even in India where they are part of T-20 cricket matches.

In the United States in the stadiums, they are part and parcel of matches when baseball and American football is played. The soul girls from Russia are an excellent advertisement for the country. very often Russia is viewed more as a nation led by Putin who seems intent on dominating the world militarily.