The Creighton Bluejays are one of the latest teams to offer a 2019 scholarship of Papillion-La Vista's Lök Wur. Meanwhile, the Nebraska basketball team appears to not only be late to the party but has decided it needs to sit the party out entirely. Part of that is because the player himself was late to the party when it came to making sure he was going to qualify for Division 1 basketball. It was such a close call that he had decided to go the JUCO route.

Then grades came through that allowed him to qualify and it's been a race, by some of the best teams in the country, to try and get the Papillion-La Vista alum to come to play basketball at their school.

The offers just keep rolling in for Lök Wur

The forward, who is rocketing up the recruit ranking charts has an astonishing number of scholarship offers from traditional power programs. There simply aren't that many Nebraska basketball players that generally get the kind of attention the 6-8 forward is receiving. Some of that is because those schools all know they are going to be able to sign someone who can suit up and play this fall if need be. This isn't a recruit that won't pay off until 2020.

In addition to Creighton, Georgia, Kansas, Miami, Virginia Tech, Houston, Boston College, Georgetown, Oregon, and Texas A&M have all come calling. Most of them had shown very little interest before it became clear he was going to qualify.

Now they're beating down his door and people are rightfully wondering when he's going to pull the trigger.

All of this has to be frustrating for Fred Hoiberg who would likely be in on this race, judging by the offers he's put out for future classes in the last few days, if he had room on the roster to do it.

Nebraska basketball between a rock and a hard place

The problem has been and will continue to be that the Huskers simply don't have room for Wur. When Hoiberg came to town, he worked quickly to reshape the roster to what he thought would give him the best chance to win as many games as possible out of the gate. It wasn't a bad plan.

It also wasn't a plan that left everyone thrilled with the way it was carried out. That is likely why the Nebraska basketball coach is standing pat, even while one of the best players in the state for 2019 is out there for the taking. If the Huskers were going to clear space on the roster, it would mean cutting loose one of the players that are returning to Lincoln. While the new Nebrasketball head coach has had no problem doing that, it appears that was something he was doing all at once. At this point, the roster appears to be set.

There is, of course, the danger of offering Lök Wur at this late date and not winning the recruiting wars. That can lead to current Nebraska basketball players wondering if they were the ones who were going to be cut loose. For now, Hoiberg and his staff are just watching this play out, likely hoping ti doesn't come back to bite them.