Hall of Fame Quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Joe Namath both have New England Patriots' Signal-Caller Tom Brady as the No. 1 quarterback in their respective books. Recently, Warner slammed the No. 9 ranking given by Chris Simms of NBC Sports on Brady, reacting “are you kidding me?” on his Twitter account. On Tuesday, Warner doubled-down on Simms’ list, saying Brady deserves to be on top of the list for leading the Patriots to six Super Bowl titles. “I obviously had Tom Brady No. 1. I don’t know how with the way he continuously has success, continuously has his team in championship form, continues to make plays at the biggest moments — you don’t have to have him No.

1,” Warner said in an interview with Ordway, Merloni & Fauria.

Warner renews support for Brady

During the interview, Warner also slammed Simms’ notion that Brady is a system quarterback and any quarterback would succeed if he plays within the Patriots’ system installed by head coach Bill Belichick. “If all of us were in a different system or with other players, our careers could look completely different, but we have no idea and no way to know that,” said Warner. Recently, Warner also came up with his own list of top quarterbacks in 2019, where he placed Brady as the No. 1 signal-caller based on his belief that he will not slow down in the 2019 season. Warner witnessed the start of Brady’s greatness when they faced off in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Brady threw for 145 yards and a score to lead the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win. Despite his inexperience, Brady led the Patriots’ game-winning drive that Adam Vinatieri capped with a field goal with time winding down.

Namath says Brady is the GOAT

Namath, for his part, called Brady the best quarterback, saying he has not seen anyone have many big games and answer every challenge thrown his way.

“I’ve not seen anybody have that many big games and answer the challenge as well as he has,” Namath told Howard Stern in an interview. Namath said he was asked many times about who is the greatest quarterback, but his answer remains the same, saying “Tom is the best.”

While Johnny Unitas, Otto Graham, and Sammy Baugh were great quarterbacks, Namath said Brady has stepped up and played more huge games that anyone he can remember.

Based on statistics, Brady has thrown the most touchdown passes (28 more than Joe Montana) and passing yards in NFL playoff history. In the postseason, Brady also led the way with nine fourth-quarter comebacks and has a 6-3 record in Super Bowls. Namath is a legend for New York Jets fans as he led the team to its lone Super Bowl win in 1968. Namath, known as “Broadway Joe,” played 13 years in the NFL and the AFL.