The NFL Draft has finally arrived and after much speculation, the Arizona Cardinals have made their top selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Arizona Cardinals ended the rumors and debates. The Cardinals have chosen Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray with the first pick of the NFL Draft.

With the pick of Murray, the end of quarterback Josh Rosen's short-lived career with Arizona appears to be coming soon. Reports have surfaced that the team is fielding offers for him. Murray was the 2018 Heisman Trophy winner and a touchdown machine last season, recording 42 touchdowns.

Some Cardinals fans still believe that keeping Rosen was the best choice.

Cards GM Steve Keim is hoping drafting Murray is not a mistake

General Manager Steve Keim appears to have finally admitted to making a mistake drafting Rosen last season. There's no other way it can be spun. They have become the first team in decades to draft quarterbacks in back-to-back first rounds.

Arizona had the opportunity to pick up a strong defensive lineman but passed on that. The Cardinals believed they could pass up probably the strongest defensive player in the draft in Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams. Insiders were also suggesting that Arizona could have gone with defensive end Nick Bosa from Ohio State.

The Cardinals, however, stuck with Murray. The only way GM Keim survives the season with Murray is with Arizona showing serious improvement over what happened last season with Josh Rosen. Reports also suggested that Murray may go back to baseball someday. Here's hoping that Arizona spoke with Murray and his agent, receiving a guarantee that he will not run to Major League Baseball if it doesn't work out.

Josh Rosen struggled his rookie season

Rosen appeared in 14 games as a rookie. He only completed 55.2 percent of his passes, recording 11 touchdowns and throwing for 2,278 yards. His struggles came via a weak offensive line that led to Rosen being sacked 45 times. While Rosen did not have a stellar season, much of that can be attributed to former Cards coach Wilks and a lack of offensive weapons.

The Cardinals could score a fair price in return for Rosen, whether it be for picks, players or even both, especially if the trade market sparks a bidding war. If Arizona is looking at trading away Rosen, he could be shipped off before Round 2 begins on Friday. The Cardinals could also benefit from a quarterback competition when minicamps and training camp begins. Both quarterbacks have what it takes to be the starting quarterback. They should have the chance to battle it out to prove who deserves to lead the team to victories this season.

Arizona could also consider sitting Murray for the season and let Rosen be the starter. This would allow Murray time to learn the ins and outs of the professional game and develop on a timetable that suits his needs.