It all began in November last year following the unexpected win of dallas cowboys over the New Orleans Saints. It was but natural that Michael Irvin (53) was happy and shouted his heart out. However, soon afterwards he discovered that he had lost his voice. In the beginning, he attributed it to his exuberance over the win but when it persisted for two months, he decided to take medical advice. The doctor suggested a biopsy, which revealed that he had throat cancer. He was shocked because his father was also a victim of the dreaded disease. It had also affected Bill Snyder, head coach of Kansas State in 1989.

Daily Mail UK reports Michael Irvin is undergoing treatment in a reputable medical center in Los Angeles. He made the announcement about his condition via Instagram and mentioned about his family’s history with throat cancer.

Michael Irvin was a legend

Micheal spent his childhood in the ghetto of Ft. Lauderdale. He had played for the University of Miami before joining the Dallas Cowboys in 1988. That was the beginning and Michael Irvin never looked back. He took everything in his stride and was seldom stumped. Fear was not a word in his dictionary and he felt this ”no fear” gift served him well on the football field.

However, throat cancer has now put him off and fear has gripped him. He was one of a large family and his father succumbed to the disease when he was just 51. Michael does not want that to happen to him, so he wants his fans to pray for him and his family.

His career in the NFL lasted for 12 years during which period he enjoyed three Super Bowl victories with the Dallas Cowboys.

Daily Mail UK adds that he retired in 1998 and thanks to his wide and varied experience, shifted gears to broadcasting. He even acted in a few movies on the side and took part in some dancing to keep himself occupied. His induction in the Pro Football Hall of Fame happened in 2007 and he still wants Dallas Cowboys to always remain on top.

Dallas Cowboys' owner was not aware

According to CBS Sports, the medical issues that Michael Irvin faced came as an apparent shock to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He admitted that it was a matter of concern and said – “I will try to talk to him immediately. It's the first I have heard of it.” The team’s COO, Stephen Jones, shared his father’s sentiments and expressed confidence that he will recover.

Irvin’s family has a history of cancer-related deaths. His father was a victim of throat cancer when he was 51. Later, Irvin lost his brother due to stomach cancer in 2006 and now he himself is in the grip of the dreaded disease. He is a fighter and let us hope that he can emerge victorious.