After a disastrous season with Ryan Tannehill behind center, the Miami Dolphins have decided to cut him from the roster. It's a decision they should have made a long time ago. As New England continues to run amuck across the league, they continue to be a threat to teams like Miami, therefore Miami needs a quarterback that can take on the Patriots defense. Ryan Tannehill has shown he is not that quarterback.

Sports Illustrated reports Ryan Tannehill has been a Dolphin since 2012, but has not produced how the Dolphins expected him to. The Dolphins have not been a strong contender for the AFC East Division, which the New England Patriots have controlled for the past 10 years.

Since Tannehill was drafted, Miami has only been to the playoffs once.

Miami is bringing a new coach, meaning a new signal caller

As Miami is gearing up to part ways with Tannehill, Miami is bringing in a new head coach. The Miami Herald reports the Dolphins are expected to hire New England assistant coach Brian Flores, once Super Bowl LIII finishes Sunday night. When a new coach takes over, it's expected that he would want to bring on a new quarterback.

When Brian Flores takes over, it's time to find a new quarterback.

However, it's unsure how they will find him. Tannehill will probably want to be traded to another team. However, his expensive contract is keeping teams from wanting to trade for him.

Miami might be looking at NFL Draft for next quarterback

This year's free agency market has some good talent at quarterback, but don't expect Miami to bring in Nick Foles or Teddy Bridgewater.

Their best move will probably be to look for one in the 2019 NFL Draft. However, it would be the same move they did to get Tannehill, but now they would be hoping for better results. The 2019 season will definitely be a rebuilding year, so it's not expected that they will many games.

The Dolphins can save almost $20 million for their salary cap if they cut Tannehill after June 1.

Ryan Tannehill leaves the Dolphins with a record of 42-26 as a starter. His backup, Matt Moore was the starter for the Miami Dolphins sole playoff appearance. The future is bright for the Dolphins if they make the right moves and decisions, if not they will have the same results as they did with Tannehill at quarterback. It's also tough to see where Tannehill's career goes from here, for now, it's not looking good for him. He'll probably end up as a backup for a while.