The Toronto Blue Jays had so much promise in 2015. Sports Illustrated even wrote a piece calling them "The New Jacks." The year marked a return to prominence for the team. All ties to that 2015 success were severed this week, when Toronto Blue Jays front office traded away star catcher Russell Martin to the Los Angeles Dodgers. ESPN reports that Toronto will receive two minor league players.

Russell Martin helped bring success to Toronto

Martin was the last of six standout players from the 2015 season that was still with the team. Toronto previously shipped off Edwin Encarnacion, Troy Tulowitzki, David Price, Josh Donaldson and Jose Bautista is in free agency.

The Jays even released the successful coach John Gibbons last year.

Martin was the last player remaining from the 2015 team, which won the team's first division title in 22 years. The Toronto Blue Jays led the league in many stats, but were eventually eliminated in the ALCS by the Kansas City Royals. In 2016, they returned to the ALCS but once again were defeated by the Cleveland Indians.

Toronto has now become focused on developing young talent

Toronto has shipped away their experienced players and now turned their focus on young talent. Because of that, the Blue Jays have fallen to the bottom of the division. In the last two seasons, they have only won 76 and 73 games. Fans are leaving the team.

The Jays originally had the largest attendance in the American League in 2016 and 2017, drawing in more than three million. However, last year attendance fell to two million. Star MLB player agent Scott Boras has been critical of the team for not investing in star players.

Russell Martin joined the Jays in 2015, playing four seasons and collecting 66 home runs.

The Blue Jays have turned the page and focused on the young and coming players such as Danny Jansen. They are also expected to sign Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who will become their third baseman. Jays CEO Mark Shapiro is working at calming the fanbase, asking for their patience and to wait it out as the team develops the young talent.

Shapiro was in attendance at the Winter Meetings, where he discussed the necessary player development of the young roster and that it will have its ups and downs. Fans still struggle with thoughts of what could have happened, if the team kept players like Russell Martin, instead of trading him away. It may take a few seasons before fans see improvement.