The Cowboys managed to reach the playoffs but had an up and down season offensively, and in response to their struggles offensively, they have signed their next offensive coordinator. The Dallas Cowboys surprised everyone in 2018 by reaching the playoffs. Their offense was strong, thanks to a strong offensive line, one of the best running backs in the league, and a handful of top receivers.

ESPN says the Dallas Cowboys decided to let offensive coordinator Scott Linehan go and signed an internal candidate. The team made the news official during a press conference on Thursday (January 31) saying that Kellen Moore will be the Cowboys new offensive coordinator.

Moore will work with quarterback coach Jon Kitna.

Kellen Moore has support of Dak Prescott

Moore has already been praised by quarterback Dak Prescott. Prescott called the new offensive coordinator a genius. Moore turns 30 this summer and has been a staple in the Cowboys organization since he was signed in 2015. Moore was originally drafted by the Lions. It's unclear what fans can expect from a Moore offense. Moore played a fast spread game. With the Cowboys and Linehan, he played a totally different style of play.

Yahoo! Sports reported that the Cowboys are gambling that a 29-year-old Moore can be aligned with where the league is heading. Young offensive coordinators know the key to creating mismatches and playing to their strengths.

The Cowboys are in a strong position to do that with Ezekiel Elliot and Amari Cooper on the team. Moore will be expected to get the best out of Prescott and the offense.

Jason Garrett's job is on the line

This hire comes under the leadership of Jason Garrett. Garrett has become the sixth-longest tenured coach in the league, while also never appearing in an NFC championship game.

He will now have to rely on Kitna and Moore to keep the offense going. Dallas has young coaches leading the offense and defense. Kris Richard was interviewed by multiple teams this offseason but is expected to stay with the Cowboys through 2019.

After continued failings with the Cowboys, Jason Garret appears to be fighting for his job next season.

Garrett's decision to bring in Kitna and Moore brings in younger minds and different ideas to strengthen and expand the offense. This was a smart decision for Garrett and the Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys have been evaluating potential shifting roles for head coach Jason Garrett’s staff since Linehan’s departure.