On WWE SmackDown Live recently, Big Cass had a segment to further his feud with Daniel Bryan. Cass was continuing to show that he was bigger than Bryan and made fun of him by bringing out a little person with a large beard dressed like Bryan. Big Cass then made fun of him and dove the point home that he was not someone to mess with. However, when the segment ended, Big Cass kicked the little Bryan in the head and followed that up by laying in the boots, showing that he was a mean heel and trying to push the fan reaction of him as a heel to further levels.

There was one big problem with the statement. Big Cass had asked for permission and was told no beforehand and did it anyway.

The Big Cass problem

Big Cass was feuding with his former tag team partner Enzo Amore when he injured his leg and needed surgery. Cass missed a number of months, and while he was out of action, the WWE fired Enzo for not reporting that he was under police investigation for assault (charges which were later dropped). Without Amore, Big Cass had no storyline for his return. He finally made his return after WrestleMania for the SmackDown Live brand and got thrown into an instant feud with Daniel Bryan.

That seemed like a strange feud since Daniel Bryan just came back from injury after missing a few years and there was little chance that the WWE was going to have him lose his first major feud back in the company.

Big Cass did look good when he came in and destroyed Bryan in an attack but that looks like it is going nowhere. After Big Cass went off script and beat up the little person dressed as Bryan, the WWE had Bryan run in and beat down Big Cass.

After that happened, Daniel Bryan stood strong and Big Cass had to sell the beatdown from the smaller Bryan.

Then, Big Cass took a beating at most the stops on the WWE European tour and it looks like any heat that Big Cass had as a heel is dying fast. Not only that, but the WWE took Cass out of the Money in the Bank qualifying match tonight against Samoa Joe. Instead, Jeff Hardy and Daniel Bryant will wrestle, and Samoa Joe will face the winner of that match instead.

Sean Waltman speaks out about Big Cass

Sean Waltman admitted that back in the day, he and the rest of the WWE roster used to try to do things that weren’t allowed many times. Waltman said that it is better to risk something and apologize rather than get told no. However, he said that Big Cass made a mistake by asking beforehand if he could do it. This meant that when the WWE said no, and Cass did it anyway, he was breaking the rules they set down on him and you can’t apologize for that. Waltman also said that once a person gets in the doghouse, they can stay there so long that the WWE forgets why they put them there.