When the Dallas Cowboys entered the 2018 NFL Draft, they knew that they would have to find a replacement for wide receiver Dez Bryant, who the team waived when the offseason began. However, Jason Witten announced the week of the NFL Draft that he was considering retiring from the NFL to move into the Monday Night Football announcer’s booth. That was a last-minute decision and as the NFL OTAs kick off this week, the Cowboys need to figure out who will replace two key starters in their No. 1 wide receiver and top tight end – especially since Witten’s backup James Hanna also retired.

Needless to say, Dak Prescott has some new options to throw the football to as the Cowboys are looking for who will step up in 2018.

Dallas Cowboys tight end candidates

The entire purpose of the Dallas Cowboys’ offensive work this offseason is making the entire unit “Dak Prescott friendly.” For many teams, that involves finding a tight end that can be a security blanket for the young quarterback. Jason Witten was a perfect person for that job but with Witten and Hanna both gone, that security blanket will have to be with a young, inexperienced tight end. Right now, the only tight end on the Cowboys roster with a reception in regular season game is Geoff Swaim, a player drafted to be a blocking tight end and who has caught nine total passes in his career.

The other options are second-year player Blake Jarwin from Oklahoma State and this year’s fourth-round pick Dalton Schultz from Stanford. Also, on the roster is 2016 sixth round pick Rico Gathers, who has yet to catch a pass in the regular season for the Dallas Cowboys. The athletic ability of Gathers makes him someone to watch.

Cowboys’ wide receiver options

The Dallas Cowboys options at wide receiver are shaky as well. With Dez Bryant gone and Terrance Williams recently arrested for an alleged public intoxication charge, Dallas will look at their new arrivals and a rookie in the NFL OTAs. Cole Beasley is the only carryover from last year that is with the team outside of Williams.

Meanwhile, Allen Hurns will look to be the first option at replacing Dez Bryant, after he showed a lot of promise with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Tavon Austin is also a newcomer after the Dallas Cowboys traded for him with the Los Angeles Rams. Austin has a ton of talent and speed but has never come into his own as an NFL wide receiving option. The Cowboys admitted that they have ideas to use Austin as an all-purpose offensive threat out of the backfield and as a receiver, similar to how they used Lance Dunbar in the past.