With LeBron James currently trailing in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics, some have wondered if this will be his final season in Cleveland. On the surface, it appears as though LeBron is on a title-contending team right now, as they are currently in the Eastern Conference Finals. However, for an intelligent, introspective player like LeBron James, he knows exactly what he will not say; the Cleveland Cavaliers are not good enough to compete with the top teams in the West. That information, combined with him not getting any younger, begs the question should LeBron move on?

If so, where?

Will LeBron leave Cleveland?

When thinking about landing spots for the King, multiple teams come to mind, including the Lakers, Rockets, and 76ers. Although playing basketball in California sounds like an awesome opportunity to market himself to a level nobody else has previously done, does playing in L.A. with the Lakers catapult the Lakers above the Western Conferences' top teams? As recent history suggests, as evidenced by the Oklahoma City Thunder this year, adding a star to a mediocre team does not make them rise to the top of the conference. In order for LeBron to join L.A., at least one other superstar would have to come with him, which seems unlikely. Houston, another team speculated to potentially be interested in adding LeBron James, already has an abundance of talent and likely very little cap space.

It seems unlikely that a team as talented as Houston would want to turn its roster upside down to add LeBron James. Now, what about the Philadelphia 76ers?

Having won over 50 games in their first season of relevance during the self-proclaimed "Process," Philly now has the makings of what could be a contender for years to come.

Balanced with two emerging superstars, an abundance of young talent, some veteran leadership, as well as a few players that have a large amount to grow, it appears LeBron James could be the missing piece. While some argue that he could stunt the growth of Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons, the two are great friends and likely would find a way to make it work.

Will LeBron settle for not being 'The Man?'

This, combined with LeBron James' comment that he wants to play off the ball in the final part of his career, makes Philadelphia a very intriguing possible destination for the King. As ESPN reporter Chris Broussard reports, "I’ve been told by somebody that would know that LeBron wants to play off the ball." With LeBron James soon finishing his season with Cleveland, one thing is certain; he cannot continue to log over 40 minutes per game while being the only contributor to a title contender. Whether in Cleveland or someplace else, this is not how LeBron hopes to end his career and considering how smart LeBron seems to be, he also is aware of this.