The Dallas Cowboys have officially started their "rookie orientation," well that is what the coaching staff is calling it this year, they are getting the rookies acclimated before they begin work on the field. I think it's actually a great idea because a lot of times teams go straight into working extensively on drills and most times can hurt players before they can get to training camp.

We have seen numerous offseasons where the Cowboys conditioning staff overworked players in minicamps and organized team activities then they miss a lot of valuable time in training camp.

The Cowboys are taking a different approach this season as they ease the rookies in for the first three days then they will start drill work and getting things in order before the veterans report.

As we continue to follow the Cowboys offseason program during minicamps and organized team activities, we will focus on which rookie draft pick will make the most impact for the Cowboys this season. I know it is very early right now, but let's have some fun and make our offseason predictions of who we think will make the most of their opportunities.

Connor Williams?

My pick for the Cowboys best rookie for the upcoming season is offensive guard Connor Williams. Williams was a second-round pick for the Cowboys in last months NFL Draft, he was a first-round talent who fell because of an injury he suffered during the 2017 season at Texas.

Williams was an All-American left tackle in 2016 when he played college Football at Texas, I believe he will be a dominant player who will be an even better guard for the Cowboys. He will play in between All-Pro left tackle Tyron Smith and Pro Bowl center Travis Frederick as the Cowboys look to once again become the best offensive line in the NFL.

The reasons why I believe Williams will be the best rookie is he will be able to learn from pro bowl and all-pro players, plus he has some nastiness to him that this Dallas Cowboys offensive line loves to play with. His best traits are his athleticism and toughness, and those are the attributes of what makes this offensive line so good, so no worries he will fit right in.

Next man up is...Michael Gallup

If you had to choose another player just to be on the safe side, the player I would have to go with is rookie wide receiver, Michael Gallup. Gallup was the Cowboys third-round pick who was also a very valuable player who fell in the NFL Draft last month, his situation had more to do with the level of competition in college than anything else.

Gallup played college football at Colorado State and was an All-American during his two seasons there. He posted over 1000 yards and 21 touchdowns over the past two seasons, which was one of the best in college football. He has excellent route running ability which is what the Cowboys liked most about him, he has an incredible catch radius, and he is a threat in the redzone.

He could easily take over the number two receiver role from wide receiver Terrance Williams by the second half of the season. Gallup has a knack for making plays, and that is the one thing this offense failed to do last season. He will bring toughness and playmaking ability to this offense, and he will contribute to the team in a big way.

Both of these rookies will have the opportunity fill in the voids of what went wrong last season. I genuinely believe they can make big plays in critical situations during the season, all you can ask for your rookies to do in their first year is do your job and focus on your assignment. If Williams and Gallup do those two things, they both will improve this football team.