The Toronto Raptors were once again knocked off by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in a four-game sweep. Once again the Cavaliers will be on their way to the Eastern Conference Finals as the Raptors head home disappointed, foiled by LeBron again. Toronto was the number one seed as they finished with 59 wins, the most in franchise history. However, the Raptors are known for falling apart in the playoffs and have only made one Conference Finals appearance in the past five years despite finishing first in the Atlantic division four of those times.

This season marks the third-straight year the Raptors lost to LeBron's Cavaliers and the second-straight year they were swept by them. The first time they met in 2016 was the Conference Finals, which the Cavs won in six games. LeBron is 12-2 against the Raptors in the playoffs overall. People on the internet have been waiting with memes, photoshops and other jokes regarding LeBron's dominance over Toronto since the series started. Now that it is over, the people of Twitter have deployed the jokes.

Twitter fun

Plenty of old memes have been recycled, but there have been some new ones. From "Crying Jordan" to LeBron being the meteor that caused the Dinosaur extinction, to Drake, they have been all over the place.

Some people have done some pretty impressive artwork, or impressive video editing. A number of these memes tie-in with the latest trends like "Avengers: Infinity War," "Jurassic World," and Drake's latest album. Some of what is seen here is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what has been posted regarding LeBron and the Raptors.

What is next for Toronto?

The Twitter posts about the Raptors do not just stop at LeBron.

There are tons of people saying the same sentence, "Blow it up." In other words, fans seem done with this corps that has regular season success but none in the playoffs. All of this was not necessarily reactionary because many people felt this way going into the series because they felt they would lose again. Whether or not blowing it up and starting over will fix things in the end, it seems like a popular opinion. That is another story that can be discussed in greater detail regarding the contracts of the players and what they would get in return.

In the end, Toronto fans are fed up. Heck, even their official Twitter account is fed up! Constantly losing to the same player and being the butt of many NBA jokes every year has to be tough on the fanbase and the team.