When the Boston Celtics blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, there were a lot of fingers to point. As a team, the Cavaliers only hit 36-percent of the shots from the field and a horrible 15.4-percent from three-point land. The Cavs also couldn't rebound -- pulling down just nine offensive boards while watching the Celtics nab 42 defensive rebounds in the game. However, one of the biggest culprits for the 100-83 loss was LeBron James himself. After almost carrying the Cavaliers through a tough seven-game series against the Indiana Pacers and blowing out the Toronto Raptors in a sweep, LeBron only scored 15 points in the loss, hitting just 31.2-percent of his shots.

The Celtics, as well as LeBron haters relentlessly taunted James but he had a little to say back to the haters.

LeBron talks Game 1 loss

The Cleveland Cavaliers also lost a Game 1 to the Indiana Pacers in the first round at home, so losing a Game 1 to the Boston Celtics on the road is not something that really concerns LeBron James right now. This was the worst performance by LeBron in the playoffs this season and one of the worst playoff games of his career, so fans shouldn't expect it to happen again. LeBron doesn't seem worried.

In the post-game press conference, a reporter asked LeBron James if he was worried after the way the Cleveland Cavaliers played today. LeBron said he has "zero level of concern" about the loss.

He also mentioned that he never went to college and this is the NBA playoffs and not March Madness, so one loss does not end the Cavaliers season.

Cavaliers need to rebound against Celtics

LeBron James wasn't hitting any shots, and that is not normal for the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar. He won't have another game that bad again this series if his career is anything to judge the moment by.

As a team, the Cavaliers only hit four of 26 shots from three-point land and James hit five of 16 from the field with an uncharacteristic seven turnovers.

LeBron James said after the game that he was going to watch a lot of film on Monday to see what happened. He said that he was uncomfortable in the game, and the Boston Celtics starting Marcus Morris and going small against the Cleveland Cavaliers had a lot to do with that.

Of course, the Boston Celtics may be without their two biggest stars (Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward), but they still have one of the best defenses in the NBA and that won't change. The Cleveland Cavaliers just have to figure out how to start scoring and LeBron James is not worried about that at all.