We all knew the clash between the Golden State Warriors and the Huston Rockets would be great. We didn't realize it would be this great.

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018, the Huston Rockets did something that has not been done since 2016, they beat the Golden State Warriors at home in Oracle Arena. For those who do not remember, the last time the Warriors lost a playoff game at home was back in the 2016 NBA Finals, when LeBron James led the Cleveland Cavaliers back from a 3-1 deficit to claim the NBA championship. After that humiliating and record-breaking defeat, the Warriors signed Kevin Durant away from the Oklahoma City Thunder to bolster their already incredible team.

With the addition of Durant, the Warriors marched their way to the NBA Finals with a playoff record of 16-1, which broke the previous record held by Kobe Byrant and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Warriors took back the title and led many to believe that they would be an unstoppable force that would dominate the NBA for years with no real challenge. This year the Huston Rockets have other plans.

Doing the impossible

After going down 2-1 in the series against the Warriors, the Rockets came to Oracle with all pistons firing and ready to win. The Rockets won Game 4 with a 95-92 victory and by doing so stole back home-court advantage in this tied series. But this win did not come from luck or a poor warriors performance; it came on the backs of two of the greatest players in the NBA.

In what was arguably the most crucial game of their careers, MVP finalist James Harden (30 Points, four assists, and three steals) and Chris Paul (27 Points and four assists) carried the Rockets to victory in spectacular and clutch fashion that we have become accustomed to from these two incredible athletes.

How to slay a giant

For the first time in the Durant era, the warriors are truly vulnerable. This series has been a testament to other NBA teams and doubters that even an unstoppable juggernaut like the Golden State Warriors can be beaten if you have the right pieces and mindset. Two of the most significant problems right now for the Warriors are the injuries to Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson.

Iguodala, who was named the NBA Finals MVP back in 2015, has been the catalyst of much of the team's record-breaking defense the last three seasons. But the before the game on Tuesday, the Warriors announced that Iguodala would not play in game four because of a left lateral leg contusion. What's more, is that Klay Thompson went to the locker room in the second quarter of the game with a knee injury, and struggled from then on in the game only scoring 10 points.

This is a series that can honestly go either way; the deciding factors will be which team has the most heart, and which team wants to go the Finals the most.

Keys to victory

The keys to victory for these teams are not complicated. For the Warriors, do not lose your identity by playing at the pace that Houston does.

There is a reason you have been so unstoppable the last two seasons, stick to it. Play your style and pace of Basketball. Make the extra pass and take the shots that make sense. This isn't a series that you can win by having Steph pull up from beyond the arc in transition every game.

For the Huston Rockets, just keep forcing the issues. The Warriors are on their heels. Do not give them a chance to believe they have a chance. James Harden needs to continue to be a threat without dribbling on isolation plays every time and Chris Paul needs to be more aggressive on the drive and look to make contact. The rest of the starters and players need to pull their weight; if you as a team adopt the Cleveland style of play and just dish the ball to your All-Stars, then you will lose.

Whatever the outcome of this series is one for the book, either team could arise from the west and move on to the NBA Finals. It doesn't seem like a stretch to say that whichever team comes out of the West has the best chance of being crowned this seasons NBA champions. Only time will tell.