The Cleveland Cavaliers have fallen into a two-game hole in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. The Cavs team in this postseason is not only very different than the team that played in the Finals last year, but they are also extremely different than the team that took the court as soon as four months ago. The NBA Trade deadline came and went and the Cavs completely re-designed their roster, sending some major stars on their way out of town to get younger. One of those stars was LeBron James' best friend and former NBA Finals partner with the Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade.

As the Cavaliers struggle against the Celtics, Wade came out on Twitter and made a couple of interesting comments.

Dwyane Wade's comments on Cavaliers

Dwyane Wade made it to the NBA playoffs with the Miami Heat, which is where the Cleveland Cavaliers traded him -- albeit after asking him first. His Heat lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in five games in the first round of the postseason. Wade played great, considering that he struggled early in the season at Cleveland. Wade finished with 16.6 points in the playoffs.

That wasn't enough for him. A fan asked Dwyane Wade for his prediction of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics Eastern Conference Finals series. Wade wasn't interested in making a prediction after his Cavaliers went down two games in the series, but had a very interesting comment about the Eastern Conference Finals.

According to Dwayne Wade, his prediction is that he is sitting on the couch wishing that he was there playing. He did add that is what any NBA superstar not involved in the game would want, but the difference is that he was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this season and now he is sitting at home while his former team struggles.

The Cavs without Dwyane Wade

It looked like Dwyane Wade was close to finished when he played for his hometown Chicago Bulls two years ago. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to give him a chance to rebound and he did great when running the second unit for the Cavs.

As a second-unit star, he averaged 11.2 points and 3.5 assists a game for Cleveland.

When Dwyane Wade returned to Miami, he finished off his last 21 games of the season, averaging 12.0 points and 3.1 assists a game. That is something that the Cleveland Cavaliers could use on their bench against Boston. The young stars that replaced Wade, Isaiah Thomas and Derrick Rose have struggled. George Hill is averaging 8.6 points while Jordan Clarkson, Rodney Hood and Larry Nance Jr. are barely playing.

But does Dwyane Wade think the Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance to come back on the Boston Celtics? He does, but only if one thing happens.