Dez Bryant was released by the Cowboys front office about three weeks ago, and he is still a free agent as of today. The Cowboys felt it was time to move on and his production plus his cap hit for this season wasn’t worth the risk. He and quarterback Dak Prescott for some reason couldn’t find a rhythm as they struggled to connect last season.

Now there have been talks that there were other reasons as to why the Cowboys decided to cut ties with the Pro Bowl receiver. Cowboys scout executive Will McClay told ESPN 103.3 that Bryant’s inability to win one-on-one matchups in games played a big part in his release."The (inability) to win one-on-one, to win downfield.

There was inconsistency as well as some huge things in his play. So what's best moving forward for Dez Bryant [and] the Cowboys, we just made that decision. It's a production-based business.", McClay said, via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Where will Dez Bryant Sign?

Dez Bryant is currently still a free agent, and it‘s unclear who will sign him. Most would have thought he would have signed before and or even after the draft; now there are reports no one wants to sign him.

He turned down a three year, $21 million contracts from the Baltimore Ravens last week. Bryant said he wanted a one-year prove it deal so he could cash in the following year. Looking at his situation now he bet on himself and because of his attitude he is still unemployed.

Don’t get me wrong I truly believe Bryant can still be productive and put up decent numbers, just not at the level he did in the years 2012-2014. The deal the Ravens offered him would have been the best deal he probably will see, but I believe Dez will be signed before the season starts.

A damaged relationship with the front office?

After Dez had the meeting with Jerry Jones, he let his feelings and emotions known by saying he felt betrayed. He used the term “Garrett’s Guys” as he claims Jason Garrett and his staff wanted him gone.

Bryant expressed how in the meeting they never offered him a pay cut to remain with the team; they just outright released him.

He felt they showed lack of respect for him for the way they handled the situation by not giving him an option to take less money.

Honestly, I feel if the front office knew they didn’t want to keep him, they should’ve let him test free agency at the beginning to see what offers he can get. That way Dallas get some money in return, and he gets to sign where he wants. The way they did, it was wrong because most teams have spent all of their money and their attention was focused towards the draft.

After the offseason which was filled with the Cowboys and Dez Bryant drama, the two parties ended in an ugly manner that might not be resolved. I hope Dez finds him a new team because he was a fun player to watch for the past eight seasons in Dallas. For being the Cowboys all-time touchdown leader, he deserves a fresh start to show he still can be productive.