For any avid Tennis fan, and even for a casual one as well, the current status quo within the ATP circuit is a rather strange picture. We have Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer at the summit, and despite the Swiss' lack of action during this ongoing clay court swing, he is expected to climb up the summit once more. it'll all happen on Monday, May 8, when the ranking will be updated once the Masters 1000 event in Madrid presents its conclusion.

Rafael Nadal will be heading to Rome for a final rehearsal before heading to Paris for the 2018 French Open.

Any wrongdoing in Rome or Paris will further influence the rankings, allowing Roger Federer to preserve the slot at least until Wimbledon. There is also a third possibility, and the odds are growing with each day that passes by.

Who can put an end to this irregularity

Alexander Zverev seems to have finally found the right mix of power and tennis wizardry that could propel him toward the summit. He still has to defend next weeks' tournament in Rome but with his current run in Madrid, he might just be able to balance the scales. Having nothing to defend at the French Open, he might even get the No.1 spot if he can make it all the way in Paris.

But enough with the speculations, as two of the greatest players in tennis history are both alive and well and are crushing most of the opposition they get.

The paradox is that even without playing, Federer can reach the No.1 spot during that time of the year when he is the least relevant. Although it's strange and somehow unfair that Federer gets the slot again, he still deserves all the credits for having won almost all of his matches back in 2017. Moreover, he did a great job by defending the title at the Australian Open back in January.

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal can switch places again

It's not like he's getting it by doing nothing. What's even more interesting is that Federer can hang onto that No.1 place for months. All that he needs is a faulty display of tennis from Nadal who still has to defend his French Open crown. And the Spaniard might not be getting any momentum on the upcoming grass court season either.

Over the past few years or so, Nadal barely left a footprint during the grass-court swing.

On the other hand, winning another French Open can consolidate Rafael Nadal's comeback at the top while Federer would have to navigate through a tough grass court session. The 36-year-old Swiss player will have to defend back-to-back titles at Halle and then at Wimbledon.