Something that individuals tend to come to terms with is the notion that life is not only extremely short but can be taken away in the blink of an eye. This ideology is something people usually have sitting in the back of their mind, but is never actually a concept that is actively considered. No one ever suspects that the next one will be them, but recent events have shown just how fast even those which we think are somehow invincible, can be wiped away. Today, fans recognize the death of former pro wrestler, Johnny Valiant which was reported by Heel by Nature.

Life and legacy

Johnny Valiant, or Lucious was a well-known figure in the wrestling community, winning the World Tag Team Championship two times. Growing up in Pittsburg, Valiant, or John L. Sullivan as he was born, always exhibited an interest in wrestling. At a young age, he was pursuing ways to improve his skills, with the help of other wrestlers and trainers.

His career began in Detriot territory wrestling, where he caught a few eyes and was then brought into the WWE world. After retiring from his successful wrestling career, he began to manage and coach other young wrestlers, many of which were aspiring to get better, as he was years before. Acting in various television shows and soap operas can also be added onto the list of activities this accredited man took part in.

Though his married and family life was kept a bit more private, it was clear the former wrestler loved his most recent wife very much, and WWE took it upon themselves to send condolences out to Valiant's family after confirming his death.

His death

Valiant was pronounced dead April 4th, 2018, after being rushed to the hospital following a terrible accident.

According to Deputy Brian Kohlhepp, Valiant was running across a busy street, not at the crosswalk, when he got hit by a pickup truck coming by. He was, however, not dead on impact, but he did die later that morning while in the hospital. He was 71 years old.

Though some may say it came to a tragic and abrupt end, it is common knowledge that the life Johnny Valiant led was one of grace and astounding accomplishments.

Fans from all across the world are bombarding Twitter with memorial messages, including positive remarks of how joyful and funny he was. Ranging from his career as not only a wrestler, manager and actor, all the way to when he was introduced into the Hall of Fame in 1996, Johnny Valiant made significant impacts on many of those around him. This concludes the life of a very influential man, who leaves behind a great legacy and story to tell.