The problem of gun violence, unfortunately, is not a new concept. This issue has plagued America for years, but in light of recent events the public's eye seems to be drawn to it more than usual. The short answer to this problem, and the one that most people have been gravitating to, is to make guns harder to obtain, through a Gun Control bill.

Millions of Americans have proclaimed themselves in favor of such a bill, with various strikes and peaceful protests physical embodiments of the passion they feel. However, though majority of the public is behind it, it seems as if the higher ups are not.

Since 2011, variations of gun control additions have been sent to Congress on over 100 different occasions, and each time the idea gets knocked down as fast as it is brought up.

The wrong area of focus

At first glance, it can appear that the government is actually against those they are supposed to govern. But in further examination of the issue, it becomes evident that maybe they’re right in saying gun control won’t change things, at least not in the way people think.

The short answer for those questioning the continuous rejection is the notion that guns simply aren't the actual root of the problem. According to a recent study done by the LA Times, in most cases, though people tend to overlook this, the gunmen themselves have undergone seriously traumatic experiences, typically including bullying and forms of abuse.

This can transform into mental illness, and then the sick individual develops the desire to hurt those who have hurt him.

The idea here is that a gun control bill steps in at the second step, and takes away a gun. However, it does not take away the gunman's desire to kill, nor the internal death that one has already undergone.

In short, if one actually wants to hurt someone else and the desire is strong enough, regardless of the means, they will find what they need to carry out said action. Taking away the ability for him to obtain a gun, really, only buys time.

Could making it harder to obtain guns be useful? Of course. However, alone, it is not the fix to the problem.

The data shows what experiences and actions turn an innocent being into someone with the desire to kill others. The course of action, along with limiting access to guns, should be making sure that people are being treated properly, and are mentally healthy.

The next move

Does that mean that American citizens are simply supposed to sit back as these travesties continue to occur? Of course not. However, taking the time to truly investigate the issue at hand and produce adequate solutions is crucial. As it is, the current method of trying to achieve change involving gun violence clearly is not working. A new approach is needed.

This isn't to say that gun control laws should be thrown away in totality. The need for making it harder to obtain guns is obvious. However, the commonly shared idea that gun control is the be-all and end-all solution is false, and needs to be taken down.