Nolan Arenado simply wasn't going to take it anymore. When the san diego padres tried to bean him with a pitch on Wednesday afternoon, he let his emotions get the best of him, to ugly effect.

Tensions between the Colorado Rockies and the Padres have been high all week. The situation was a powder keg, ready to blow up at a moment's notice. With Luis Perdomo on the mound for San Diego and Arenado in the batter's box, the situation between the two teams finally hit its apex with a bench-clearing incident.

Arenado goes off

Sometimes, getting hit by a pitch is nothing more than a reckless accident on the part of a pitcher.

Considering it was the first pitch of an at-bat to lead off an inning, that seemed highly unlikely in the case of Perdomo and Arenado. Before that, however, there was another at-bat worth looking at.

At the top of the second inning, Padres outfielder Hunter Renfroe was in the batter's box when he found himself on the other end of a German Marquez pitch. Apparently, that was enough to incite Perdomo to throw a pitch at Colorado's biggest star (although it didn't happen as an immediate response in the bottom of the second inning).

Despite being spared from actual contact, Arenado lost it as soon as the ball approached him.

He immediately charged the mound, tossing his helmet in the process. Meanwhile, Perdomo chucked his glove right at the approaching batter. Things got ugly quickly, with Arenado throwing at least one obvious, flying punch at the opposing pitcher. The benches quickly cleared, with other members of the Padres and Rockies getting involved.

By the time the dust settled, five players had been tossed from the contest. The Padres lost Perdomo and catcher A.J. Ellis, while the Rockies lost Arenado, Marquez, and outfielder Gerardo Parra, who threw a punch of his own. Both teams had to replace their starting pitcher, perhaps the least of their problems.

Punishments coming for Padres, Rockies

There will be suspensions and fines coming for this incident. There was some clear pre-meditation for the thrown ball, considering the dangerous pitching all series -- Padres outfielder Manuel Margot had to go to the hospital for bruised ribs the previous night.

Since Parra allegedly landed a punch, expect him to land the longest suspension. Arenado should also lose a few games for trying to throw punches, while Perdomo may lose a start for throwing the ball behind the Rockies' third baseman in the first place.