Michael Phelps has accomplished feats in the pool that will never be pushed aside. In five iterations of the Olympics, he stood on the podium 28 times, and anyone who ever watched an anchor leg, of a relay, swam by Michael Phelps would have seen pure determination and competitiveness personified. The swimmer, with all the dangling gold hardware, has no problem admitting that he still gets the old twinge when he watches Olympic contenders, like those at PyeongChang this past winter. Michael Phelps even insists that, physically, he is in “better shape” than he was when he made his late decision to participate in the 2016 Rio games.

What puts the purest gleam in Michael Phelps’ smiling eyes these days is showing off his sons together. Like every proud papa, he had plenty of pictures to share when he dropped by “The Today Show” on April 12 to talk with Hoda Kotb and Carson Daly, and Michael Phelps even gave a demonstration of his new pre-swim warm-up with big brother, Boomer.

Beckett makes two

Boomer Robert Phelps was born May 5, 2016, and was proudly introduced to the world by his mom and dad at the Olympic Games that same year. The infant son was part of the loyal cheering squad for his dad’s final swims for gold, cradled between the loving laps of mommy, Nicole, and doting grandma, Debbie. Every race was capped off with a sweet kiss from his daddy.

It was a good thing he always had hearing protection because the tender smoochies only added to the adoring roar of the crowd.

On February 12 this year, Beckett Richard arrived in the Phelps clan, and Michael Phelps proclaimed himself as “the happiest man in the world” to have a family of four (six counting dogs). “All he wants to do is help Beckett,” dad Phelps beams, “or just be around him.”

“Booms,” as Phelps refers to his oldest son, is proof positive that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Like any toddler, he’s up for anything active — golf, throwing the ball, or taking a swim. Michael Phelps just so happened to have a video snippet of the son showing “what Daddy looks like,” stretching his long arms behind him before several frantic flaps. Even the dog wanted to be in on the stretches. The father-son smiles were priceless.

No pushing, but pause the faucet

Michael Phelps will be first to say that he and Nicole have had “so many conversations” in which they discuss letting both of their sons “find their own path,” not pushing them toward any particular sport or achievement. The young parents feel “so blessed to have amazing, happy kids who love to be with each other,” asserts Dad. Phelps declares that his personal goals are no longer in swimming, but instead, parenting.

Michael Phelps is still passionate about causes related to mental health and dispelling the stigma around seeking appropriate care. He is also an enthusiastic ambassador for water conservation through Colgate. The cause truly hits more than close to home.

Boomer already knows when running water has been flowing too long because of a “red sticker” alert on the faucet. Phelps reminds that four gallons (64 glasses) of water that “the world needs” is lost just by leaving water on while brushing teeth. Once every toddler learns the lesson that Boomer practices every day, the planet’s water supply will not be in such dire straits.

Whether swimming in the water, or saving it for future generations, and Michael Phelps makes water a family mission.