Julio Jones trade rumors suddenly popped up on Monday (April 23). When Jones started deleting Atlanta Falcons information from his social media accounts, it led to a frenzy of posts from fantasy football owners. It led to a lot of Falcons fans descending upon Twitter as well, only to find that Jones had made his Twitter account private. So what does it all mean?

The obvious assumption here is that a possible Julio Jones trade is getting worked on by the Atlanta Falcons. Could he still be very unhappy with how the 2017 Super Bowl turned out? The New England Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit to shock the football world, disappointing Falcons fans who had felt it was their time to stand in the spotlight.

Is there any fire with this smoke?

Despite the actions by Jones on social media, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything is going to happen. He could be messing around with the media as the 2018 NFL Draft approaches. This wouldn’t be the first time that an athlete has done something like this to create buzz. It could also be a smokescreen for something else, which would then get revealed at a later date.

Atlanta snuck into the 2018 NFL Playoffs, beating the Los Angeles Rams in a Wild Card Game. The Falcons then lost to the Philadelphia Eagles in the divisional round, falling 15-10 in a very tough road game. Winning that game might have placed the Falcons on a road straight to another Super Bowl.

Instead, it was the Eagles who would end up beating Tom Brady and the Patriots for the first Super Bowl win in franchise history.

Contract for Julio Jones

Is it contract-extension time for Julio Jones and the Atlanta Falcons? Jones is signed through the 2020 NFL season, but it seems like a bargain at this point. Jones is slated to earn salaries of $10.5 million, $12.5 million, and roughly $11.5 million in the next three seasons.

It gives the Falcons a lot of control, but Jones may be ready to get a new payday from the only team he has played for in his NFL career. Is that creating friction between the Pro Bowl receiver and the franchise?

In other news from the Atlanta Falcons, the team is slated to open the NFL campaign against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFC is shifting again, though, as Richard Sherman was signed by the San Francisco 49ers, giving the team another boost on defense. Will the Falcons be able to keep pace with these teams? Or is the franchise already speaking about a Julio Jones trade that could completely change the look of the team?