Before this season, Terry Rozier wasn't a household name in the NBA. That wasn't destined to change, considering he was going to be a backup to superstar Kyrie Irving, who joined the team in a blockbuster trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers. At the same time, Eric Bledsoe was a household name orchestrating his way out of the Phoenix Suns locker room. The point guard was going to join a contender and make them demonstrably better for the rest of the season and any subsequent playoff run.

There's little doubt that Rozier got the better of Bledsoe after ending the latter's playoff run early.

Rozier gets 'scary'

Fans who have been following the Boston Celtics this season were well aware of Rozier's ability prior to this playoff series. The unheralded guard is capable of contributing in every facet of the game. He proved that during Saturday evening's decisive Game 7 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the Milwaukee Bucks. During the second half alone, Rozier was responsible for nearly half of his team's points.

Throughout the night, it felt like Rozier was playing on a different level, buoyed by an adrenaline-boosting crowd of fans.

He was spinning and weaving around every defense the Bucks threw at him to the tune of 26 points and nine assists. It was easily the best playoff performance of his career, more than enough to propel the Celtics to victory and a second-round date with the Philadelphia 76ers. And to think, it may not have been possible without some bulletin board material provided by Bledsoe.

Bledsoe's rookie mistake

NBA coaches and handlers virtually beg their players not to give opponents fuel for fires that are already running hot this time of year. But Bledsoe couldn't resist. After a strong Game 2 from Rozier, the Bucks point guard responded to a question about his adversary by saying "who?" He then went on to claim that he didn't know who Rozier was.

Big mistake.

Rozier vastly outplayed Bledsoe throughout the series, damning enough considering their respective statures in the game heading into the year. But the comment may have also energized the guard. Look no further than Saturday night (April 28), when fans at TD Garden mockingly chanted "who is Bledsoe" throughout the night, seemingly pumping up their own point guard even more in the process.

Rozier moves on with his teammates to face the Philadelphia 76ers in the next round. Whether he admits it or not, Bledsoe is left to be haunted by visions of his previously unknown adversary for the rest of the year.