It's draft season! Time for excitement, right? Well, if you're a Browns fan, you always look forward to this date (even if most of the picks are bad, they're still high picks). If you're a Saints fan, you wonder how you'll manage to outdo last year's amazing rookie class. If you're a Patriots fan, you think about which pick you make and if it will end up as the steal of the draft. If you're a Panthers fan like me, you wonder which small school no-name will be drafted to Carolina this year (no offense to said no-name). There are tons of draft games, including a fun one with trades at and I'm gonna take a stab at the full draft.

Round 1-3

Round one, pick 24- The Panthers could use a cornerback. They could also use a running back. Offensive linemen are needed, as well. Safety is a hole, too. There are a few (day one) talents left at those positions. Jaire Alexander from Louisville is available and so is Mike Hughes out of UCF. Derrius Guice from LSU fills the running back need as well. Ronnie Harrison out of Alabama is there. Kolton Miller from UCLA, Billy Price from Ohio State and Isaiah Wynn from Georgia are all available to fill the offensive line need. I'm going with Jaire Alexander, who some scouts say could end up as the best corner in the draft. The game gives grades for each pick, and this pick received an A.

Round two, pick 23- Safety is still a need, and there's only one (day one) talent left.

The aforementioned Ronnie Harrison. There are a lot of good (day two) prospects available, too, but none for day one. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Picking Harrison, which fills a hole at strong safety, gets an A+.

There were three trades available to me at round 3 pick 21, and since two WR's that I had wanted just got drafted, I decided to trade down and grab a few extra picks.

I gave my third-round pick, number 21, to Tennessee for their third, fourth, and fifth-round picks.

Round three, pick 24- Since wide receiver is a pretty big need for this team, I'm looking at those prospects. Deon Cain is available out if Clemson. Simmie Cobbs from Indiana and DeSean Hamilton from Penn State are also there.

Deon Cain ran the fastest 40 time and has the highest chance to become an NFL starter out of those according to his NFL Draft & Combine profile. I'm going with Cain, which is an A pick.

Round three, pick 25 (from Tennessee)- The Panthers still need a workhorse running back, despite drafting a running back in the first round last year. Nick Chubb out of Georgia, Kerryon Johnson from Auburn and Nyheim Hines from North Carolina State are available. Johnson edges Chubb with a 5.83 chance of being an NFL starter, so I'm grabbing him and getting an A+.

Round 4-7

Round four, pick 25 (from Tennessee)- There are only two (day two) prospects left, an offensive lineman and a punter. One of those fills a need, the other should probably not be drafted until at the very least the fifth round.

I'm going with Alex Cappa, an offensive tackle from Humboldt State. I filled my quota of drafting a small-school no-name and got an A+ for the pick.

I traded with Seattle to move up. I gave them round five, pick 24, round six, pick 25 (from Tennessee) and round seven, pick 24 for round five, pick four, and round seven, pick 30.

Round five, pick 4 (from Seattle)- Safety, despite drafting one earlier, is still a need. It was a glaring hole for Carolina. Tarvarius Moore is a free safety from Southern Miss and has a 5.83 chance to become a starter. Deshon Elliot from Texas, a strong safety, has a 5.41 chance. Terrell Edmunds, a strong safety from Virginia Tech, has a 5.59 chance. Since I already drafted a strong safety and the free safety has the better grade, I'm going with Moore.

Another A+.

Tampa Bay offered round six, pick 28 and round seven, pick one for my round six, pick 23, so I took the offer.

Round six, pick 28 (from Tampa Bay)- I may have drafted a tackle already, but they still need a guard considering All-Pro Andrew Norwell left in free agency. Carolina loves local boys, so drafting guard Tony Adams out of North Carolina State makes sense here. A+ for him too.

Round seven, pick one (from Tampa Bay)- Greg Olsen is not getting any younger. The Pro-Bowl tight end turned 33 in March. Drafting his eventual successor before he gets too old for them to sit behind him makes sense. David Wells from San Diego State garners an A+.

Round seven Pick 16- At this point, filling a hole is kinda unlikely.

So I'm strictly looking at best player available. Armani Watts has a 5.67 chance to become a starter. Yeah, I already have drafted a free safety, but getting younger at that position and creating depth is never a bad thing. Oh, and Watts got an A+, too.

Round seven, pick 30 (from Seattle)- Still going best player available, and that is DJ Reed, a cornerback from Kansas State. My draft is finished with an A+ pick.

I was graded as having the second-best draft, slightly behind the Green Bay Packers. Let me know your thoughts, comment below!