Professional wrestlers don't just become famous out of nowhere, they need a push from a company or person with power. When people say 'Professional Wrestling' you would automatically think of 'World Wrestling Entertainment' (WWE) but that isn't the only company out there. There are many different companies besides WWE such as Millennium Wrestling Federation, National Wrestling League, MCW Pro Wrestling, and 'World of UnpredictableWrestling' (WUW). WUW specifically have many talented wrestlers on their roster.

WUW arena on show days

Every month WUW showcases their talented wrestlers live in front of an audience and earlier this month I got to see first hand the talent WUW had to offer.

Not only were the wrestlers entertaining to watch but they knew how to get the audience going. There's a feeling of genuine professional wrestlers and not some gimmick. While you sit and wait for the show to begin you sense anticipation fill the room. During the show you feel the energy and excitement in the crowd. You're probably asking yourself who are these wrestlers?

WUW's Current Roster

The current champions are Prince Ahmed, PJ Savage, The Honchos, and King John. The Lightweight Championship is held by Prince Ahmed. Born in Egypt, he uses his devastating Tiger Bomb finisher that he learned in Egypt as a young man.

The Heavyweight Championship belongs to PJ Savage who s by far the most physical wrestler on the roster.

His chemistry with the audience fills the entire room with cheers.

Tag Team Championship goes to The Honchos, two cowboys born and raised in Minnesota who walk around with ropes. Lastly but not least, the North American Championship belongs the one and only King John. Recently reclaiming his title he demands respect claiming himself to be king of the roster.

The champions aren’t the only showstoppers WUW have. The rest of the roster also pack a punch. Brando Lee goes as USA’s Finest because he truly believes that he is Number 1 in the USA. Mantis, sporting some green in his hair, is a former Champion who has competed with WWE Superstars. He enters the ring and verbally attacks the audience getting the hyped up for his upcoming match.

Big Al is one of the best pure athletes on the roster who has great in-ring technique and by his name is big. Kid Jaco is no kid, wowing the audience with his high flying aerial skills, he wears a gas mask on his way to the ring. All these men are what WWE superstar The Miz would call “Awesome” but the women are just as capable. For example, Jada may be little but she is feisty and not to just the audience's eyes, catching her opponents with her back handspring heel kicks.

Bambam dominates the women's division due to her not being afraid to throw her weight around the ring. WUW’s wrestlers are currently on their ways to the big leagues as you can see for yourself below on Brando Lee's Youtube channel.