According to Yahoo Sports, as the Winter Olympics were coming to a close, the Olympic Athletes from Russia defeated Germany 4-3, securing the gold medal. Russia has not medaled in men's hockey since 2002 when they won bronze. It took nearly the entire first period before Russia was able to score the first point, thanks to Russia's Vyacheslav Voynov.

Germany tied up the game with 10 minutes left in the second period after a shot made by Felix Schutz bounced of Russia's goalkeeper Vasily Koshechkin and deflected off of Russian defensive player Bogdan Kiselevich and crossed the goal line.

Russia wins big in overtime battle

Russia and Germany fought back and forth until Russia scored a point in the third period and then in a few seconds, Germany fired back with a goal, tying the game back up. As the third period was winding down, Jonas Muller broke the tie, 3-2. Germany's lead didn't last long, as, with less than a minute to go, Gusev scored again, sending the teams back into a tie.

The game was sent into overtime and took nearly 15 minutes before Russia's Gusev scored another goal. Immediately the Russians celebrated on the ice.

Germany's last hockey medal achievement was bronze in 1932 and West Germany won bronze in 1976.

Russia was the favorite to win

The bronze medal was awarded to Canada after defeating the Czech Republic 6-4, and after losing to Germany. Russia was favored to win, after losing in the quarterfinals four years ago during the Sochi Winter Games.

The win came just hours after the International Olympic Committee ruled that Russians will not be allowed to march in the closing ceremony after a pair of athletes tested positive for steroids.

Russia President Vladimir Putin gave a congratulatory phone call to some of the players after winning the country its second gold medal and 17th overall medal of the Winter Games.

Russian players savored this win because of the current sanctions placed on them and their 30-year drought came to an end. Team Captain Pavel Datsyuk said that this gold medal meant more to him than when he won the Stanley Cup twice because you are playing for your country.

The Russian team was loaded with former National Hockey League players including Datsyuk, Voynov, Ilya Kovalchuk, Mikhail Grigorenko, and Nikita Nesterov. Team USA coach Tony Granato said they may be as good as a majority of the NHL teams. Russia faced off against a disciplined and strong Germany. Russia now looks to defend their gold medal in four years at the next Winter Olympics.