The Miami Dolphins are all in when it comes to Pro Bowl receiver Jarvis Landry. According to Dolphins reporter Joe Schad, the team will bring back the NFL's reigning receptions champ with a non-exclusive Franchise Tag worth $16 million.

Why a non-exclusive franchise tag is unique

NFL teams have several options when it comes to keeping a player they value. They can, of course, agree to a long-term deal. Or, if they aren't as confident in committing to said player, they can franchise tag him (sign a one-year contract).

Franchise tags come in three forms:

  • Exclusive- Completely binds the player to the current team.
  • Non-exclusive- Player can sign an offer sheet from another team, but has to give the player's original team two first-round draft picks.
  • Transition- Same as the non-exclusive, but the original team gets a chance to match the offer of a new team. If the original team doesn't, then they lose the player and don't receive any draft picks.

The value of a particular franchise tag is dependent on position and the current market. The franchise tags are equal to the top five salaries at the player's position.

Landry's stock is at an all-time high

Fantasy football owners have known how valuable Landry is for a couple of seasons.

Now, it's obviously clear real NFL GM's and owners share these sentiments of high praise.

In a pass-happy league, the fifth-year veteran has carved out a niche as a reliable target in the slot. He led all pass catchers in the 2017-18 season with 112 receptions. According to ESPN Stats and Info, his 400 receptions in his first four years are the most by any player in NFL history.

It's no wonder teams desperate for a consistent catcher like the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers, were salivating for the chance to lure Landry.

Though he doesn't stretch the field like some of his more popular peers, his ability to run precise routes and catch the ball at every angle imaginable is as coveted a skill set there is.

Schad and other NFL reporters think he would get at least $14 million on the open market.

Landry also found a groove with quarterback Jay Culter, especially inside the red zone. His nine touchdown receptions were a career high.

The considerably high price will be an important step in securing the future of the team's offense with head coach Adam Gase at the helm. The Dolphins finished 15th in passing yards and will need stability to jumpstart their offense. Despite having to start a retired Cutler, Landry put up career numbers, so the organization will most likely direct their attention to finding a reliable quarterback.