When the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics, many fans and media members tried to paint a war between Kyrie and his former running mate LeBron James. However, while there are the rumors that Irving wanted out of Cleveland because he was tired of playing second fiddle to LeBron, the fact is that the feud was not between the players -- it was between the players and the Cavs organization. Both Kyrie and LeBron were mad that the Cavaliers fired David Griffin as the general manager as both players had a strong relationship with Griffin.

So, when Kyrie was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last night, he talked about the fact that a reunion with LeBron James is possible.

Kyrie Irving on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kyrie was interviewing with Jimmy Kimmel on his popular late-night talk show on Thursday night, thanks to a nice break for the NBA stars as the All-Star weekend is here. Kimmel mentioned the idea of Kyrie and LeBron James playing together again and Irving seemed to accept the idea.

According to Kyrie Irving, in professional sports, there is always a chance that anything could happen. He then said that you never know whether or not he could end up playing with LeBron James once again in the future, and didn't seem to indicate that he would mind reuniting with The King.

The interview also went a little more light-hearted, as Jimmy Kimmel poked some fun at Kyrie Irving for his past "flat Earth" statements. Kimmel even took a further dig at Irving by presenting him with a basketball, which can also serve as a world globe.

LeBron James reuniting with Kyrie Irving

The great news for fans who miss the Cleveland Cavaliers one-two punch from the last three seasons is that Kyrie Irving and LeBron James will reunite again this weekend as teammates at the NBA All-Star game.

The fact that LeBron drafted his team, and chose Kyrie, shows that he knows that the two of them are a dangerous force together.

Unless something miraculous happens in the next few months. LeBron James will be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer and find a new home in the NBA. Right now, the biggest NBA rumors still point to LeBron becoming a member of the Los Angeles Lakers next year, although that might have something to do with whether they keep Isaiah Thomas or not, after the mess this season in Cleveland.

On the other hand, Kyrie Irving is not an unrestricted free agent until 2020, so he is sticking around the Boston Celtics for the next couple of years at least.