Tom Brady was named the 2017 Regular Season MVP last night at the 2018 NFL Honors ceremony. This was the third MVP award for Brady who is looking to add a Lombardi Trophy to that on Sunday. It can’t be denied that winning the MVP award is something that every NFL player looks forward to.

In this particular instance, however, the award is more of a burden than a blessing for Brady. Ever since Kurt Warner was named MVP in the 1999 season and won Super Bowl XXXIV with the Rams, no player has been able to accomplish that feat.

There have been seven players (Peyton Manning did it twice) that made it to the Super Bowl in their MVP winning season but lost that game and were unable to add a Lombardi Trophy to their MVP winning season.

One of those players was Brady himself who after being named MVP of the 2007 season failed to win Super Bowl XLII vs. the Giants.

Brady was also instrumental in ruining the hopes of an MVP and Super Bowl double for two of the players on this list, Warner in 2001 and Matt Ryan last year.

Here the list of eight players who were unable to win the Super Bowl in their MVP winning season

  • 2001 Kurt Warner (QB) Rams lost SB XXXVI vs. Patriots 20-17
  • 2002 Rich Gannon (QB) Raiders lost SB XXXVII vs. Buccaneers 48-21
  • 2005 Shaun Alexander (RB) Seahawks lost SB XL vs. Steelers 21-10
  • 2007 Tom Brady (QB) Patriots lost SB XLII vs. Giants 17-14
  • 2009 Peyton Manning (QB) Colts lost SB XLIV vs. Saints 31-17
  • 2013 Peyton Manning (QB) Broncos lost SB XLVIII vs. Seahawks 43-8
  • 2015 Cam Newton (QB) Panthers lost SB 50 vs. Broncos 24-10
  • 2016 Matt Ryan (QB) Falcons lost SB LI vs. Patriots 34-28

If Brady is able to win Super Bowl LII with the Patriots, he will join a list of ten players that won the Super Bowl in their MVP winning season.

The following is the list of players that won the Super Bowl in their MVP winning season. It contains seven quarterbacks, two running backs, one kicker and a linebacker.

Year regular season MVP team result

  • 1966 Bart Starr (QB) Packers won SB I vs. Chiefs 35-10
  • 1978 Terry Bradshaw (QB) Steelers won SB XIII vs. Cowboys 35-31
  • 1982 Mark Moseley (K) Redskins won SB XVII vs. Dolphins 27-17
  • 1986 Lawrence Taylor (LB) Giants won SB XXI vs. Broncos 39-20
  • 1989 Joe Montana (QB) 49ers won SB XXIV vs. Broncos 55-10
  • 1993 Emmitt Smith (RB) Cowboys won SB XXVIII vs. Bills 30-13
  • 1994 Steve Young (QB) 49ers won SB XXIX vs. Chargers 49-26
  • 1996 Brett Favre (QB) Packers won SB XXXI vs. Patriots 35-21
  • 1998 Terrell Davis (RB) Broncos won SB XXXIII vs. Falcons 34-19
  • 1999 Kurt Warner (QB) Rams won SB XXXIV vs. Titans 23-16

Will Brady lead the Patriots to victory vs. the Eagles in Super Bowl LII?