Adam Rippon made a statement every time his blades hit the ice at the PyeongChang Olympics of 2018. The charismatic figure skater showed no fear and making a statement out of the rink, either. Whether Adam Rippon was responding to vice president Mike Pence’s stance regarding the entire LGBTQ community or cheering his Team USA colleagues and friends on from the stands, no one could argue the vibrant, infectious enthusiasm of every comment. On top of that intrinsic quality, the athlete had the time of his life in his events, proving to be salvation for his Olympic team when other stars had efforts that fell short.

In the media world, the kind of magnetism exuded by Adam Rippon is worth its weight in gold. It's hardly a wonder that the 2018 Olympics had not even reached the halfway point before NBC offered the skating star a correspondent job for the rest of the PyeongChang games. It turns out that the plum job that seemed made to fit for Adam Rippon came at a personal cost that he cannot bring himself to pay at the moment.

Timing is everything

NBC Connecticut reported that after the morning announcement by spokesman Greg Hughes that Rippon had accepted the sports analyst role on Sunday, the skater later told NBCSN that he had reconsidered. Explaining with sentiment akin to the kid sent home from camp right after earning every badge ever desired, Adam said he was most “flattered” by the network’s offer, but he was not willing to give up any of “living in the moment” after making this year's team.

“I would have to leave the Olympic team. I’d have to leave the village,” summarized a saddened Rippon. The skater known for his famous spins couldn’t shake the immense support of “my teammates and my friends [who were] there for me during my events.” Part of the connecting factor between Adam Rippon and his viewing public was seeing his continual support for fellow skaters, from Nathan Chen and Vincent Zhou in interviews, to shaking with joy from the stands for Mirai Nagasu, Bradie Tennell, and any others in earshot.

“I feel like I need to be there for them during their events,” affirmed the loyal teammate. As he reflected on the hard work it took for all the team to get to these Olympics, he remembered eating In and Out burgers with Mirai Nagasu on the roof of her house after not making the team in 2014.

It's no wonder that Adam Rippon wants to savor every second of these Olympics at 28, and what seems like a lifetime of hard work through the years in between.

Fierce competitor, even with cuisine

It is Adam Rippon’s strong sense of self and irrefutable spirit that speaks to his growing world audiences. Web pages have sprung up across the globe with gaggles of “best quotes” from the figure skater. Wherever his future takes him, the skater’s “fierceness” will stay fully intact.

“I think I've shown the world that I'm a fierce competitor,” asserts Adam. “But I also think I've shown them that I’m also a fierce human being.”

Adam Rippon declares that “a stiff drink” may definitely be in his near future, while other offers may be on his horizons.

Just days ago, the man with talent on ice tried his hand at cooking on “Today” with Chef Austin Kang. Any man with a fine palate for burgers and fried chicken is already primed for a cooking show.

For right now, the skater is looking to wrapping up the closing ceremonies on a high note, and here's betting NBC will be covering him on another world stage somewhere.