The 2018 Formula 1 season is almost here and fans and teams alike can hardly wait for the first engines to roar to life. Engine builder Renault is experiencing an additional emotion, apprehension, as they wait to see what the new season, and the teams that use their engines, will bring. After a tumultuous 2017 that saw a difficult relationship with Red Bull Racing take front and center, Renault is eager to start the new season on a high note and garner some much-needed momentum in the fight for the Constructor's championship.

Dealing with high maintenance teams.

Despite their high profile problems with Red Bull Racing, Renault has maintained relationships with the teams they supplied and even picked up another big name team. McLaren, after a train wreck relationship with Honda, switched to Renault for the new season and is optimistic about building a new future with the engine builder. Alain Prost, Renault's F1 advisor and former world champion, suggested that the addition of McLaren to the engine builder's roster will encourage the company to raise their game in terms of performance. While managing two large championship teams could be a challenge for an engine builder, Renault seems confident they are up to the challenge.

The new season brings with it the hope of more competition and Renault feels they can bring the level of innovation and technology needed to win.

Looking forward to 2018 with anticipation.

As Honda has faltered with engine quality, Renault has quietly been working on theirs. The new engines are expected to be faster, more reliable, and more adaptable.

The anticipation of working with such tremendous teams such as Red Bull and McLaren have been big motivators for the members of team Renault. The desire to topple the vice-like grip that Petronas Mercedes has had on wins runs deep with the legendary engine builder, and now that they are partners with a second big-name team, the chance to be champions again seems almost within reach for Renault.

Another benefit of having such exemplary teams using their engines is the level each team can help raise Renault to reach. Both Red Bull and McLaren have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will be available to Renault. This knowledge can be priceless as Renault works to tweak their engines and bring the best quality product to each team.

The 2018 Formula 1 season is on the horizon. Teams and fans alike excitedly wait for the lights to go out and the cars to launch forward. This season, two of the biggest teams in the history of the sport, Mercedes and McLaren, will be powered by Renault engines. The new team and the new season may be just what Renault needs to launch itself into the future.