The Tennessee Titans somehow made it to the divisional round after erasing a double-digit deficit in the wild-card round against the Kansas City Chiefs. Great things were expected of the underdog team.

Instead what we saw was an offense that easily picked apart the leagues 25th-ranked pass defense. Super Bowl LI hero James White first put up the Patriots on the scoreboard from six yards out. From then on, New England unleashed hell.

Offensively and defensively the Patriots were unstoppable

Apart from James White, Brady had more weapons at his disposal.

Dion Lewis tacked on 24 touches and produced 141 yards from scrimmage. Brandon Bolden managed to score with a two-yard touchdown for a three-score lead in the third quarter. There was also Danny Amendola, who took in 11 receptions for 112 yards. Friendly giant Rob Gronkowski got six catches for 81 yards and a touchdown. Chris Hogan also added to the early damage with a touchdown from 3rd and goal in the 2nd quarter.

As for the Patriots’ defense, they turned the Titans’ offense into a high school JV team wearing NFL jerseys. In total, Marcus Mariota was sacked seven times. They were so brutal that the Titans couldn’t even get into field goal range.

Titans went 'full choke' after the first touchdown

The Titans we saw tonight were shades of the Atlanta Falcons from Super Bowl LI. They shot themselves in the foot. There were too many errors offensively and defensively. The claim that the referees favor the Patriots was completely laughable in this game. Just by looking at the Titans’ nervous breakdown, it was evident they were going to lose, regardless of the refs’ calls.

Corey Davis was the only star of the Titans. The first touchdown of the game was pretty awesome. Out of the kindness of the Patriots’ hearts, Davis was allowed to score again. At least the Titans can say they scored the first and last touchdowns of the game.

Marcus Mariota was nowhere to be seen tonight. He completed 22 of 37 passes (59 percent completion) for 254 yards.

Running back Derrick Henry only managed 12 carries for a mediocre 28 yards. The run game vanished from right after that.

Now the Patriots will wait for their AFC Championship opponent. At this rate, the dynasty is not stopping anytime soon. After this trashing, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars know that if either one makes it to face the Death Star known as the Patriots, the match-up will be one hell of an uphill battle. At this rate, the 2017 season was all about New England.