Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors have proven themselves this year yet again with being in the top spot in the Western Conference. After having a rocky start they, of course, battled back to rattle off consecutive wins on the road. It is expected from the high-caliber team that has one of the greatest shooters in the league -- Kevin Durant.

The Rockets are right behind the Warriors with a record of 33 and 12, while the Warriors hold the best record at 37 and 10. Other teams, however, like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Wizards, have been struggling.

Rockets center Clint Capela recently made comments about the Warriors after beating them yet again this season. Durant has fired back at Capela in response.

Capela's comment

Clint Capela -- after the win against the Warriors on Saturday -- stated that: "We are better than them. Plain and simple." according to ESPN. Whatever Durant has to say about the center, he is a great player in the league and he has improved his game since entering the league. The center does a lot for the team in terms of getting easy baskets at the rim and finishing with either hand. He has had another good year. James Harden or CP3 can throw him a lob and he will finish it easily.

Durant's response

Kevin Durant has gotten more confident since joining the Warriors and believes that they are the best team in the West.

Durant has fit in pretty well with the team and he is surely proving that he is a top player in this league.

Durant responded to Capela's comments at practice yesterday, according to an article on ESPN by Chris Haynes. He said, "Usually he's catching the ball and laying it up from CP (Chris Paul) or James Harden. His job is not as hard.

When your job is that hard, you know you can't just come out there and say s--- like that." He has a point in what he is saying, but it seems there is a rivalry between the two teams.

How good are the Rockets?

Whether Durant likes it or not the Rockets will have home-court advantage, most likely. The Rockets have won 2 out of 3 times against the Warriors.

The NBA playoffs are going to be very interesting when these teams face one another and the Rockets could surely win. The story of the league has been how great the Houston Rockets have been this year.

The team is very dangerous from the three-point line and there is less pressure on James Harden with Chris Paul along. The Rockets have a lot of great shooters on the team in Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson and they have a stellar bench. It is clear to see that the team is the real deal and that they have a big chance to win it all this year. The Rockets' ultimate goal is to beat the Warriors and win the trophy this year and they might just do it.