The English Premier League stands out as the most entertaining amongst all major European leagues. But why is this so? Because they have worked very hard to make this so. You get the feeling that there is this value and esteem attached to the English League that is scantily seen in other leagues around the globe. The EPL is the most competitive of all leagues. Most of us are convinced of this. Are they the very best? Arguably, they could be, but I'll hand that over to the Spanish league. Today is about Arsenal and their departing hero, Alexis Sanchez.

The North Londoners have sold their prized asset to their closest rival once more thereby affirming yet again how much of a selling club they are.

History repeats itself

Arsenal has a long history of selling their best players to their rivals, especially to the Manchester clubs. But why? If they are as big a club as they would have us believe, retaining their best players shouldn't be much of a problem. Sadly, Arsenal have sold no less than five key players to either of the Manchester teams in the past ten years. The gaffer at Arsenal did say some time ago that they as a club have outgrown selling their best players to other clubs, but the sale of Alexis Sanchez invalidates this claim. They are a selling club and history can't help but repeat itself.

Arsenal players, former and current, might see the club as a stepping stone to greater heights. You do well for Arsenal and you are bound to move to a much bigger club in a few years. That's the belief. No ambitious player would want to stick with them for a lengthy time frame. It happened with Robin Van Persie in 2012 and now with Sanchez.

Following this rationale, Arsenal will never be known as a force to be reckoned with if they keep this up.

Another Eric Cantona?

Manchester United fans the world over just couldn't believe Sanchez signed with their club. He comes in to take the vacant No. 7 jersey last worn by ex-Man United ace Cristiano Ronaldo. Some deem Alexis as another Eric Cantona.

Well, concerning the timing of his move, it's quite similar to that of Cantona's, but will he have a domineering presence like King Cantona?

What he brings to the fold

Manchester City are currently on top with a 12 point difference. They have been so ruthless this season. Already, they have been tagged as the league champions despite there being about 15 league games yet to be played. City are obviously the better side, but Man United signing Alexis Sanchez could alter that.

Arsenal was unable to give him a new and improved contract on his own terms. Meanwhile, United jumped at the opportunity to bring him in. They may not win the league this season but things will be interesting moving forward.