The move that is highly important that the New York Yankees made was not only Stanton move but the trading of Chase Headley and Bryant Mitchell can be more important than the trade with the Marlins due to the money it frees up along with the enormous potential to snag a few big fish in the pool of superstars next offseason. The Stanton move could be a move within a move to get a stronger bullpen and top-notch superstars next winter which will shift the power back in their favor.

The logistics behind the Headley trade

With a big move like the Yankees pulled off in trading for Giancarlo Stanton, there are the usual “cap room casualties” like the trading of Chase Headley, Bryant Mitchell and Starlon Castro.

The move essentially, as reported by Mike Mazzeo of the NY Daily News, put the Yankees $30 million under the $197 million luxury tax and give them wiggle room to sign a starting pitcher or two.

The Padres got back Headley and in exchange, the Yankees got $500,000 and outfielder Jabari Blash who has great power but at the bottom of the depth chart. He won’t see the field too much with the all-star starters ahead of him. Pitching is a position Brian Cashman is looking at with the resigning of CC Sabathia to a 1 year $10 million contract and extra money to spend free agency is a place they’ll look to go.

There are currently free agents like Yu Darvish, Jake Arrieta and Alex Cobb who can contribute to a sturdy bullpen.

Two slots at second and third base wide open minor league standouts Gleyber Torres, Miguel Andujar and Tyler Wade are all candidates to be starters in either of those positions. Andujar is the only true third baseman an plays average defense but in his debut had 3 hit and 4 RBI’s. His play though good, is outshined by the top prospect Gleyber Torres who can start at either infield open positions and if they’re not able to sign back last year’s starting third baseman Todd Frazier.

2018 and Beyond

With this move of Chase Headley and Bryant Mitchell, the Yankees have the opportunity to sign one of the megastars during 2018’s free agency. Bryce Harper is probably gonna be number 1 on the Yankees list which could send Stanton to the Dodgers as reported by Joshua Shrock of NESN next winter. With Yankee Stadium having a short outfield it is tailor-made for Harper’s offensive game.

Los Angeles was the desired destination per Stanton before the New York trade which ultimately could become a reality depending on how of whether or not the addition of Stanton makes the Yankees a true contender. $400 million is the king’s ransom of a contract that Bryce Harper could be signed to with the Yankees being one of the only teams to afford the young star. With this Headley, it can cause a positive domino effect that will possibly recreate the dynasty that once was and have the Bronx Bombers in meaningful fall classics for years to come.