A new season of highly-competitive Tennis is about to begin as 2018 looms just a few weeks ahead. 2017 will go down as a full return into a glorious past as the whole world witnessed Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal casting their air of dominance. While people are busy trying to assess who was the best of the year, they might cut out some vital points of the debate. Rafael Nadal is 31 years old, and he seems to have several years left. On the other side, his rival is fastly approaching the age of 40, a milestone in any athletes life. Back in August, Federer celebrated his 36th birthday forcing us to wonder how long is he going to stick around?

Roger Federer retiring from tennis might be a pure nightmare but, at the same time, the sealing point of a golden era in men's tennis.

What we know about Federer's future as a pro tennis player

Roger Federer had quite a ride in 2017 capping a total of seven ATP titles including two more Grand Slams. A great deal of success that followed his comeback surprised all; even Federer declared that he was completely overwhelmed by the success. Inevitably, the debate shifted into that field of speculation regarding his time left as a professional player.

From all pieces of information that made it into the public field, Roger Federer will continue playing tennis as long as his body stays healthy. Moreover, he will keep seeking family support and new ways to find joy on the tennis court.

Life as a professional player consists of traveling, training, meeting new people, new tennis courts, meals, time zones, sleeping habits. It's a grueling experience Roger Federer has been in bed with for two decades now. All the available clues point towards two or three more seasons of having Federer up and running, but of course, there are no guarantees.

2018 season will bring a similar pattern regarding his schedule

Federer is well past of displaying any trace of youthful enthusiasm. The success he encountered in 2017 won't be a launching pad for future complex endeavors. Therefore, the schedule will stay in-between those similar lines of 2017. The Swiss will focus on big events only while considering another complete letdown of the clay court season.

Federer's future in tennis is limited and to put it in a more expressive frame; he will play tennis with the Damocles' sword hanging above his head. And, of course, any unfortunate event like an injury will accelerate the speed of the vehicle driving him into the ultimate finishing line.